Monday, March 21, 2011

Dragon Snow Pies

Pessimist: It snowed, again, today. Covered up the daffodil pips.

Optimist: Can't see the dirty, old snow any more!

My dragon (what?! You don't have a dragon?!) greeted us with fresh snow pies when we got home this evening!


  1. I wanna dragon! That is the way that I look at it; at least the new white snow is covering up the icky brown snow. And the slush was even clean today when I took the shortcut outside to lunch.

  2. Ooh, I wanna dragon just like yours. I'm jealous. I agree with you - it's time forth the snow to give it a rest.

  3. I want a dragon too! Where of where can we find her?
    Snow? yes we are set for at least a few inches tomorrow here in Central New York.......UGH

  4. Everyone should have a dragon. Mine came from Design Toscano. He got assaulted by a snow plow a few years ago - thus the scars. I may give him some cosmetic surgery (paint!) this spring.


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