Friday, March 18, 2011

Oy - What a Day!

Last night - the Book Signing Party for Yoga for Your Brain was GREAT!! So much fun. Totally exhausting. Really yummy food. I am very grateful to my friends and groupies who came and filled up the store and kept me from the nightmare of "what if no one shows up!?" And it was also really wonderful to meet some new people who told me heart-warming stories of how Zentangle has changed their lives - or their kids' lives. That is so cool. And I think I will never get used to signing books - I still blush - but I am very willing to keep practicing! I snitched these shots from Wingdoodle's Facebook page. SherRee took the pictures (thanks SherRee!!) -she said I could borrow a few. Laurie also took pictures - I'll get her to upload some of hers too. Go look at the gallery of pics - the little girl in the pink shirt with the Panda bear is my daughter Lilah. She was very excited to come to "mommy's party". My son, on the other hand never showed. ;-( He told me later, he thought it would be boring. Boring!? Wha... what planet does he think I am from?!

Posed. A boring, normal mom a kid could be proud of.


Posed. Kayla, Krystin, and Jen. Kayla made all the yummy and beautiful food.
Reality. My quirky minions. And, yes, those ARE chocolate covered strawberries!
So, speaking of boring - I was going to be mean and say that I had to go to his concert tonight (Friday) so he should have come to my shindig too. Yes, I can be obnoxious when pressed (I am a middle child!). ;-D But his concert wasn't boring either, as it turned out...

This morning - I felt like I had an enormous hangover (social hangover!) I was cranky and exhausted and my daughter didn't sleep AGAIN last night. And a package to Australia had disappeared - I hate customers being unhappy! And one to Buenos Aires, too. Post office said - "not our problem." I accidentally listened to the news for a second and heard about the nuclear reactors in Japan. I learned some really sad news about a classmate, on Facebook. I pissed off my mom by admitting my inadequacies... Then I told her to (please) pick up my kid from daycare 'cause I was giving up and running away (to Borders).

I gave myself plenty of time to get to my son's concert. It was a big deal after all - it had lots of letters in its title - NHME... something- something. Anyway - it was a NH music ensemble thingy and he was honored to be picked to play there (only 2 kids from his school). I had the instructions they'd sent and it was only a couple of exits up from Concord. Well, every single step of the directions were WRONG!! I was bumping down a dirt road into a pasture at 7pm - as the concert was starting and I was very, very close to tears! I had no idea where this high school was! Aaagh! I still feel like screaming, even now.

And, yes, my new iPhone was at home. Forgotten in the charger. sigh. Oy - what a day. I shoulda' stayed in bed! Luckily, I am a total tech-nerd and I had my iPad (to play Angry Birds at Borders, right?) and finally tracked down the teeny town and the school - it totally wasn't where the directions said! (A few more !!!!! - that's better). Breathe. I had to park at the back of the school and I RAN around to the front because all the other doors were locked, paid my five bucks admission and stood in the back of the filled auditorium as my son's saxophone ensemble FINISHED their set. Agh. It was a very good Duke Ellington. But I was trying hard not to cry by then. Frazzled. Yep. They had switched his group to play first. What luck. I snuck back out and found him in the cafetaria. He took one look at me and said "you look really sad and depressed." Yeh. Another set of parents walked in - they had gone to southern NH looking for the school. I guess I am not the only incompetent parent after all. One of the kids made me feel better when he said the buses had all gotten lost that morning trying to find the school too. They had ended up on some crazy bumpy dirt road out in a cow pasture. "Hey, I was there too!" Then, my totally awesome son... he really is!... convinced the conductor/maestro and the remaining sax players to perform for us - despondent parents- right there in the cafetaria! They piled chairs on the table to form music stands and we had a private concert. These kids are really talented! Later my son told me hilarious stories about all his teachers at school - all the way home - and I was crying with laughter this time! Oy, what a DAY!

Clever and musical. (Alex is on the right, in back)


  1. so Sandy..just to remind have a teenager on your hands.....a person that isn't interested in anything to do with parents or anything outside the porifera of teenagedom...welcome to parenthood!!!! Just to let you know (from experience of 2) it gets better!!!

  2. Aw, I got the sniffles when I got to the part where your son and his friends performed for you in the cafeteria!!

  3. what a nightmare! with a happy ending


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