Sunday, March 20, 2011

Anything Can Happen... if You Let It

Alex, my mom and I went to Boston yesterday to see Mary Poppins at the Boston Opera House. My son saw it a few years ago on Broadway with his grandparents. He had told me so many amazing things about it that I HAD to see it! For example: the house set is like a giant paper dollhouse that opens, then unfolds! It is truly magical. Our performance was the debut for the two kid actors who played Jane and Michael Banks. They were incredible too.

Speaking of "magical"... everyone knows how Mary Poppins pulls plants and a hat stand, etc. out of her carpet bag, right? Well, the Boston Opera House must be made of the same magical material! Look at it... It's teeny - where in the world do they fit the theatre? ;-)
The stage and seats fill an enormous space with lots of froo-froo gold and a painted sky ceiling. We had seats in the Dress Circle, so Mary Poppins flew right over our heads!  And Bert danced on the ceiling of the stage! Ah!

Anyway - so there was this song near the end that was called "Anything Can Happen" and there were stars flying around and singing and dancing... but the words seemed very appropriate to my mental state and they keep going around and around. Here they are:

(written by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe)

Anything can happen if you let it 
sometimes things are difficult
but you can bet it 

doesn't have to be so
Changes can be made
You can move a mountain if you use a larger spade

Anything can happen it's a marvel
You can be a butterfly
Or just stay larval

Stretch your mind beyond fantastic 

dreams are made of strong elastic
Take some sound advice and don't forget it
Anything Can Happen if you let it
i wonder.....
Anything can happen if you let it
You Won't know a challenge until you've met it
No-one does it for you
No-One but yourself 

vacillating violets get left up on the shelf 
anything can happen just imagine!

That should be my epitaph 

I wear the badge in honour of this world's free thinkers
Those who see beyond their blinkers

Jelly isn't jelly

Till you set it 

anything can happen if you let it

Anything can happen if you let it 

what good is a whistle
Unless you whet it

Broaden Your Horizon

Open different doors
You may find a you there that you never knew was yours

Anything can happen

Raise the curtain 

things you thought impossible
Will soon seem certain 

though at first it may sound clownish 
see the world more upside-downish 
turn it on its head then pirouette it
Anything can happen if you let it

If you reach for the stars all you get are the stars

but we've found a whole new spin 

if you reach for the heavens
You get the stars thrown in 

if you reach for the stars all you get are the stars 
but we've found a whole new spin 
if you reach for the heavens 
you get the stars thrown in
Anthing can happen if you let it 

life out there is waiting
so go and get it 

grab it by the collar 
seize it by the scruff 
once you've started living life you just can't get enough
Anything can happen 

it's official 
you can choose the super or the superficial 
sally forth the way we're steering 
obstacles start disappearing 
go and chase your dreams you won't regret it
Anything can happen Anything can happen
Anything can happen
If you let it

 I just REALLY love the lines:
If you reach for the stars all you get are the stars...
If you reach for the heavens
You get the stars thrown in!

I found the song on YouTube if you want to hear it. It might seem corny, but it definitely puts one in a more positive state of mind. I don't know about you, but I find that I keep shooting myself in the foot, so to speak. The key words in this song are "if you let it" - it's time we get out of our own way and let wonderful things happen. Don't kill the good ideas and don't stomp on your kids' fancies. It's OK to be happy. It's OK to be successful. It's OK to have your dreams come true!!
 Mary Poppins SAYS SO!
(And if you see her anywhere, please send her over to my house. Thanks)


  1. Great song... BETTER show!!! I saw it on Broadway. It was supposed to be my gift to myself for losing 100lbs (Anything can happen...) but I had lost my job.

    The same day my job went away, I went out to have a single glass of champagne, to toast my next opportunity... and I met the man I now live with (and moved to Germany for!).

    I was 50 years old and had never had a passport.

    "Anything can happen..."

  2. Aaaah - what a terrific way to start my morning with this post - I've been a bit of a "vacillating violet" on a couple of things lately - just what I needed to hear today. Off to let it happen. Thanks

  3. Beautiful post, Sandy! And... if you do get a visit from Mary P., then ask her politely if she wouldn't mind visiting my place next. ;-)

  4. Sandy, Your post is proof that Mary P is already living with you.She will visit anyone who 'will let it'. Keep singing, smiling and knowing that you are on the right path.(nancyl-CZT#3)

  5. I agree, what a nice way to start my day. I am supposed to be moving and it is taking me forever, too much STUFF and great difficulty letting it go. I will just get at it and keep remembering to pass it on so someone who needs it more than me. Have a great day.

  6. Lovely and inspiring post. Mary Poppins is my favorite! I used to feel so honored that my children would watch the video and call her "Mama!" because I have brown hair that I sometimes wore in a bun!
    The line from the song that sticks with me is "Jelly isn't jelly
    Till you set it
    anything can happen if you let it"...
    Perhaps it's time to go set me some metaphorical jelly!

  7. Thank you so much for this post. Totally hit me where I live. I've been having so much trouble lately deciding what to do with myself...which way to go. Maybe I'm just getting in my own way huh?

  8. I'm new to your blog and just enjoyed listening to the song "Anything Can Happen". I think we all need to hear that song from time to time. And I really needed it right now too. Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to reading back in your blog and learning more Zentangles....and maybe even a few more life lessons along the way.
    Trish from Canada

  9. What a great post Sandy! I have been reading some of your blog this morning and you just flew right into my heart :) I ordered your books from Amazon last month and I love them! And I just saw that you have a link to my blog! Thank you, I´m honored. Anything CAN happen if you let it! And I found you ;) Big hug from Annika


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