Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vote for Me Me ME!

I finished my entries for the Munny Munth contest and after trying to upload photos using FOUR different browsers - I succeeded! And just in time - the deadline is tomorrow. Phew! So now I need all of you folks to go and vote for my Munnys!! And don't look around because there are a ton of other amazing creations, but mine is covered with tangles so it's the best! Hee hee. Just kidding. You can vote for someone else's creature and I promise I won't hold it against you. Really. Go vote... right now.... I'm waiting!

OK, you're back. The picture crops off parts so I'll post the full pics here. It's a Superhero Family: Meg is mega at 20" or so, Minnie is mini at 7" and BooBoo is mini-mini. They all have "Squid" on their heads.

I love Meg's butt-crack and tattoo. Minnie wanted a tattoo, but she's too young, so she got a cape instead. Accessorize, baby!


  1. These are gorgeous!! Love the little "plumber's crack" on the back!!! LOL I'm going to vote now!

  2. Sandy, just checked the gallery and yours are SO clearly the best. Good luck, whatever it is you win besides all the glory.
    Cheers, Linda

  3. Actually... I have no ideas what we win! Always seems kind of irrelevant. Ha!

  4. Okay, I cast my vote towards yours. OMG there are some scarry looking munny's (ie Texas chain saw). Your munnies are very cute, and yes, I do love that butt crack. Never heard of munnys before.

  5. love these. How did I miss this post?? Better check my subscription again.
    Sydney Australia


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