Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meanwhile, back in the batcave...

Yes, it does seem like I have been holed up in a cave. There's some stuff going on in my personal life that is causing chaos and mayhem, but possibly, in a good way. When things stop quaking I'll write more about that. For now, please accept my apologies for "disappearing". Here are a bunch of things to help catch up:

In a recent post, I introduced Carole Ohl and mentioned she was working on a piano mural. Well, take a look at her blog to see how the creation is progressing - "Music to My Eyes" Piano Mural. Oh-mi-gosh. Is it selfish - and un-Zentangle-y - of me to want to own something of hers?

A very nice review of AlphaTangle and also one of Totally Tangled, by Linda Farmer at

If any of you folks are Amazon users, could you please, please, please, leave some ratings and reviews on the AlphaTangle page? Totally Tangled has 17 reviews - pretty cool! And they are really nice things to read when I am feeling down in the dumps!

Speaking of which! (Books, not dumps!) I am planning the sequel to Totally Tangled. Yes - shocking isn't it? I thought I poured every single thing I knew into that book and what more could I possibly write about... well, I've thought of a few things, but I would really like to know what you all would like to see in the next book? More tangles, more in-depth tips, projects.... Post your thoughts in the comments here.

Also, I would like to know... who are the superstars of the Zentangle® world? Traditional or cutting edge (we need to come up with a term to describe the Zentangle rebels... Zebels...Rebanglers... hmmm)? I have stumbled across some insanely amazing work being shown on Flickr and other blogs. But I'd like to know who have you discovered? (Post a link in the comments) And yes, if YOU are amazing - let us know!!!


  1. Thanks for your kind words and the blog shout out, Sandy. I did leave a review on Amazon. I'm a big fan of AlphaTangle. I gave a copy to my piano friend, and that's what she used to pick her favorite tangles for her wall. It's just the handiest and dandiest! I know lots of people are excited to see what your next book will be like!

  2. Sandy anything you feel needs to go into the second Totally Tangled book is fine by me :-) Please put me on the waiting list...

    Dale (down under)

  3. I love Totally Tangled. I am pretty good at the shading, but it think that is something perhaps people would like more of. It really does add dimension to your work.
    Star Zenners for me (apart from the obvious - Molossus, Shelley Beach, Carol Ohl)Banar, Mariƫt Dronten NL,Adelaide Moreira, Maria Nilze, SkinnystrayCat, to name a few. All on flickr. All these people offer something a little different to the norm.

  4. I definitely have to agree with the suggestions that Jo made (except she forgot to list herself at the top of those 'obvious' Star Zenners!

    Linda Farmer also has to be considered one of the stars. Her is a hub for zentanglers everywhere.

    And, most importantly, don't forget to put yourself on that list. You are THE Star!

  5. I just ordered your book. Congrats on writing a new one. I'm into in-depth tips and projects. I started my first zentangle a month ago, and now I'm hooked. Love your blog.

  6. I have both of your books and I love them both. I use AlphaTangle as a reference guide and Totally Tangled more for inspiration. In fact, I spent a lot of time with both books open on my desk as I worked on my first zentangle-inspired art project, a poster size drawing for my son. Please check it out on my blog:

    For the next book ( I can't wait!) I would like to see more finished pieces and more step-by-step tangle instructions.I found them very helpful.

  7. Hi there ... for what it is worth ... I have both your books - and only your books - they are quite inspirational. I am doing CZT in October so will be a REAL zentangle teacher and one of the first in Australia! You can see my work at ... I also have a few tangles published on tangle patterns and have given a few up to the Flickr group. Tootin' my own horn is not one of my strong points - so thanks for the opportunity here. Cheers Jane x

  8. I have Totally Tangled and love it. I would like to see more ideas on how to incorporate zentangles into other pieces of art work (e.g. paintings, calligraphy, mixed-media work). I agree with Jo in NZ that more info on shading would be great. I would also like some pointers on how to get the patterns to blend better (not sure if that makes sense).
    Craftynelly in Canada


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