Thursday, June 10, 2010

Julie Walker, Tangled

I received an email from Julie Walker, a beader, who owns a shop in Ohio called The Bead Cage. She has recently become addicted to Zentangle ("Welcome, Julie!") thanks to Carole Ohl and Peg Farmer.

She writes: "You know how things just call to you when your supposed to do something with it! I began making greeting cards with Bible verses on them and animals...
I wanted to do something that no one else is doing so, I began "tangling" picture matte frames. I did one in the silver foil by using an empty pencil and  the others are just tangles! I am having way too much fun and it is difficult when I do have free time to choose between my love of beads and  my love of tangling! So, thanks for sharing! This truly has changed my life and helped me be less critical about my work.... I love the bead tangle thing too! Beads are my passion but tangling is coming right up there with my beads!!!"

Julie's animals are a great example of using color with Zentangle. The color compliments the patterns and doesn't overshadow. They are also a great example of the inspiration that can be found through poetry or, my favorite, song lyrics. NICE! What else are you guys working on?


  1. What beautiful work! Julie's tangle animals are poetry in themselves.

    I've been folding Origami ATC wallets and tangling them. Fun!

  2. Just wanted to say "Thanks". My friends were raving about Zentangles and all the fun they were having. I just couldn't see the draw. Look at the "official" sight over a year ago and couldn't see the point in spending $50 for a kit to teach me to doodle. Let it go. One of the gals told be about your blog, I couldn't find it, but found it accidentally, just minutes ago. Now I can actually 'see' the possibilities of using this technique in other forms of art. Genius! I'm excited to try, now. Thanks for sharing. I'll be spending some time here on your blog, and coming back for many visits. Will also pass it on to my beginner altered arts group.


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