Friday, June 4, 2010

Killer Tangles (of the Week)?

A few posts back I promised to post my sketchbook pages of Japanese kimono patterns that couldn't be tangled.

Well, maybe "haven't" is a better word. I had many pages of Japanese designs in my sketchbook - almost all were converted into Tangles for the book, including the two shown here in the center of the page. These became "Flutter" and "Treasure".

But the  left and right ones... well... I gave up for the time being. If you follow the pencil lines down, you can see the progression, or steps, needed to draw the patterns. And THAT is what stopped me (or stumped me?). You have to DRAW them. I could not come up with a way to tangle them without pencil lines and without having extra useless guidelines showing through. After drawing about 100 tangles for THE BOOK, I came to the conclusion (or rule of thumb) that a Tangle is a pattern that can be drawn in 6 (or so) steps or less and does not need pencil guidelines (although the occasional penciled grid can be a lifesaver).

I intend to go back and play with these some more - now that I have a fresher eye. Just looking at the left one (which looks like rows of panties to me!) - I'm thinking maybe draw each individual unit, around in a circle... curve in...curve out... curve in...curve out... curve in...curve out, then start the next unit (panty?) Hmm, could work. We could call it "Killa' Panties". The one on the right baffles me though. But there might be a way to simplify it....? This one makes my brain ache trying to look at in a different way. Ouch. I think we will call it "Migraine".
Any ideas? I love these visual puzzles!!


  1. I do have an idea. Check out my pattern 'Intersect' ( It might be possible to do 'Migraine' starting from the center and working out, as I do with my pattern.

    You know what I'll be doing this weekend!

  2. Love these!!!
    Post on my blog now about my 'tangles and your books!!!

  3. Great, I liked the one on the left..but now all I see is panties!

  4. Sandy, So sorry to hear about your friend's passing. I only met her once or twice, but you could tell she was a lovely character.
    The tangle on the left is called y-knot, and Molly figured it out. she has demonstrated it at the last 2 seminars, it was a design taken from an asian piece of china. I felt it was way too difficult, even with the simplifying that Molly gave you a headache...and if it wasn't perfect, it didn't work. So we shelfed it for now. She did manage to do it with no pencil line though. Maria


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