Monday, March 29, 2010

Zentangle Outbox

From blog-reader Sharon Wildwind, comes this great idea:
"Here's a zentangle out-box I  made for a charity raffle. It's especially for procrastinators, who have trouble finding the must-do-next thing on their desk."
Perfect for Spring organizing AND taxes - there's always a way to sneak in some Zentangle creativity! 
Thanks Sharon. Have you tangled something unusual? We'd all love to see it!


  1. Can you see it now? I tried re-doing it. I think there is a gremlin in this post, because i can see the picture fine, but some of the text keeps disappearing! Weird. Ah well.

  2. I can't see the picture, either. There's just a little empty box where I'm guessing the pic should be.

  3. I can see it may have been a google problem because it was on other blogs also....

  4. I totally love this. How clever can it be. I love your blog and love Zentangle. Hop on over to mine sometime and see my recent zentagles.
    Have a great day


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