Friday, March 5, 2010

Hmmm. how about a BOOK?

Rose left a comment here on the blog:


I'm so glad that has a blog now.. and I received your Alpha Tangle book.. awesome! I would like to know if you or anyone you know will be publishing a book or a publication on all the tangles that have been put out there so far (from the newsletters at the official Zentangle site to the many blogs ... especially yours and Suzanne O'Neill's page and books)... I just would love to see all the tangles in one place in maybe a spiral format, not too large but something larger than your alpha book that can be taken in a purse or a small bag with supplies... I know I don't have time to do a book but I am stumped when doing the Zentangles as to what to do in some of the areas and am not as creative as most.. still have trouble making a straight line! So that's my thought... and I hope someone takes the idea and runs with it... it would be a super duper best seller... if only I didn't have so many kids and schedules! hehe... Hugs to you!

Well, Rose I can't fill ALL  your requirements... but how about a book that is 8.5" square and has over 100 NEW tangles- with directions for each one? Fifty-two pages filled with instructions, tips, lots of inspiring art (no, it's not all mine!), a gallery and artist and resource links? Oh, and under 20 bucks? Pretty good? I sent it off to Design Originals today. Yes, I know there will be some editing and changes that need to be made, but it feels so good to be finished! I am really proud of it and very excited. It should be available in May. And, no, I am not taking pre-orders! But I promise to let you know as SOON as it is available. We'll do a contest or something. Leave a comment if you have a good idea for a contest!


  1. Hooray! How about the first person that replies to this post gets a free copy! ; )

    Seriously, I can't wait for your new book. It sounds just like I was hoping it would be! Congratulations on finishing it! Now, go take a hot bubble bath and relax!

    Kathy Shabowski

  2. I'm tickled pink and dancing on my toes! I've been waiting eagerly for more news about your book. I know it's been stressful for you. It is going to be superfragalisticexpealidocious!

    My blog's been compromised, but as soon I can get it fixed, I'll be posting a link to this news!

  3. I love your blog, and would also love to have your book when it is finished. I put some semi-zentangle pieces on my page today.

  4. Congratulations!! Can't wait to see it in print!

  5. How many sleeps is that Sandy? I can't wait :-)

    I carry my Alpha Tangles book everywhere, just to look and drool. Love love love it.

    Rose, I'm not an artist or conceptual, but I do love to doodle. I scan all my doodles, combine them on as many pages as possible and print them out. I keep them with my pens. When I'm lost, I flick through them, and even though I rarely do the same thing, it gives me ideas for filling corners or spaces.

  6. Your new book sounds fabulous. I already have both of Suzanne McNeill's books and I just love them. Can't wait to see yours, too!

  7. when and how can we get this book!!!! I have your alpha tangles, and the other two books...I'm obsessed...can't wait until yours comes out.

  8. (squeal of joy inserted here) I'm so excited. I'll be watching for it's availability. Love the Alphatangle you did so much! I just can't get enough! -janeen

  9. I don't have an idea for a contest but I'd be one of the first to purchase as well. I look at your alphabet book OFTEN! And show it off to others as well! Can't wait!!! YIPEE!

  10. What a sweet idea! AND I see you are up to 136 followers now...Wheee! :)

  11. I just 'tangled' upon your site today and am overjoyed.... and to read the news that you've put together a book with everything I've been searching for...???? Quite simply zentangleTASTIC! congratulations...

    AND... as for ideas for a contest: how about comments and/or photos of creative ways we've incorporated zentangles into our lives and then simply do a drawing of the entries...

    ...scatter joy...


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