Sunday, March 7, 2010


Ok, then, how about a practice contest? I see that I have exactly 100 Followers (lower right edge of this blog). How cool is that? But I bet there are a lot of people who are reading this and not officially "following" - am I right? So for our practice contest:

When the number of FOLLOWERS reaches 150, I will randomly select 3 people from those teeny little follower avatars - to get their own FREE COPY of my AlphaTangle book!

Sound good? OK, GO! :-)


  1. I would love to win a copy of your book! I've been following your progress on it on Facebook and your blog and am so excited to have the chance to win the finished product!

  2. THIS contest is for the ALPHATANGLE book, not the new one - TOTALLY TANGLED. We'll do another contest when it is closer to being published, OK. Don't be too sad, it will pass very quickly. :-)

  3. Hi Sandy, I really want to thank you for your article in 'Cloth Paper Scissors' about Zentangles. After reading about Zentangling and ordering the kit which I call my Treasure Box my inner artist has escaped! I draw a Zentangle or more every day and am so surprised when a jewel of artwork emerges! Because of you, Rick & Maria, I have found new friendships on flickr and started blogging. It is very exciting.
    Thanks again. Michele Beauchamp

  4. I follow each post and hope I win one of your books.

  5. I'm in! I also read every post and all of the comments. I am hungry for Zentangle "stuff"!



  6. What a great idea! I have the Alphatangle book, but I carry it everywhere, for inspiration, and it now qualifies as 'shabby chic'. I'd love to have a second copy that I could keep pristine on the shelf for showing off to others.

  7. I have been faithfully reading your blog, but now am an official Follower - number 120! Come on, everyone, we need 30 more! Sandy, did you come up with a sub-title for your new book?

  8. How cool are you!! I first heard of Zentangles by stumbling onto this very blog, very cool.

  9. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now, but now I'm a visible follower. I learned a lot here! Thanks.

  10. I'm really sorry and i hope you all don't stop reading my blog - but i asked Rose to remove her Google Doc. Although it is very convenient, I didn't intend my work to be harvested and packaged in one spot. If you would like a whole bunch of great tangles all in a nice neat bundle, I beg you to just wait another month and buy my book - Totally Tangled. Thanks folks. :-)

  11. I thought I had signed up as a follower already - but I did now!!! I am excited about your book - looks great!!

  12. Random drawing for a week. One a day! Autographed copy. one day.
    Then maybe some ATC and Tiles with white Gelly Roll pen etc.
    Everyone upload a Tangle and put the number of entries in a hat and let a stranger pick the number.


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