Thursday, November 5, 2009

We Get mail

In response to all the messages...
Wow! Thanks, people - I told Glenny I'd like to be considered as a teacher at Portland too. I hope I get to meet you all! I have been wondering if an online class would work. In general, I think Zentangle is best learned in a class from a trained instructor. Yep, I'm partial since I am a trained instructor. But I learned it from the kit and practiced for a year before I got training. I was amazed at how different the experience was. Many patterns just make more sense when they are demonstrated. But everyone has a different learning style. I am working on a little book and the Zentangle people are too. But these are both more gallery and inspiration type books, not how-to's.


  1. Some of us simply live to far away from anything to make more than online classes practical financially at this point !

  2. Would love to attend an online zentangle class if you offer one. Learning the step-by-step patterns the way you show it seems easy. I learn that way, get comfortable with the process then I can innovate. Kind of disappointed with the Zentangle kit that I bought because I guess I was expecting to see/learn more zentangle patterns the way the have shown on their newlstetters. My complaint is that there were just a few samples really that they show on their dvd and book. Thanks for sharing your time and talent and wish you all the best.


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