Monday, November 16, 2009

New Hampshire Magazine Zentangle Blurb

Article about my store, Wingdoodle, and Zentangles in NH Magazine!

There are a few things in this article that will make Rick and Maria at Zentangle squirm - and a few that made me squirm too - but in general it is good press for Wingdoodle and Zentangle. I did not write this article! They called and interviewed my mom while I was in France. They did ask me to send artwork, and I sent it, but in the actual magazine article they used someone's art from the web. I really hope they got permission!! But for the online version, they used my art, but credited the other artist.

Judging by the title; "Googling Over Doodling The New Zentangle Craze" it sounds like perhaps the article was originally longer and more about what they found online. But then, maybe, it was cut down?
Whatever happened, it's nice to get a bit more coverage!


  1. Hi, I am thrilled to discover your blog.

    Hope you don't mind but have featured the RSS feed on my Zentangle page at: If you do mind, then I will remove it immediately.


  2. Sandy, Did they remove the article from the web site? I can't find it. Penny Raile

  3. Bev - Thanks for blogging about my blog! :-)

    Centavo - Try the link above again. NH Magazine relaunched their site yesterday and the links changed. I re-linked to the new page. And they credited my art too. Yeah!

  4. Just found your blog and referred it to several friends. Also pre-ordered Totally Tangled; shared it on my FB page and my daughter replied immediately and wanted the link. Hope you have enough in stock! Good Luck!


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