Friday, November 13, 2009

Mega Munny and Mini Yoka

She's huge, powerful, totally tangled! She's Mega Munny!


He's teeny tiny itsy bitsy, has no super powers whatsoever, but he likes to break-dance.
Meet P. Bear, the mini Yoka.

I finished both of these creatures this week. Meg is about 18" tall. I started her at the Fall Festival and finished at my Open Studio last weekend. She wanted to be a Zentangle Princess, but as soon as I drew the stripey panties, she turned into a super hero - with an oceanic theme. Note the seashell bra, shrimp tattoo, and squid on her head! Shelley found me the perfect fabric for a cape, sparkley blue lamé. But when she puts it on she looks rather WWF or Nacho Libre and I'm not sure that's the look she's after.... Besides I have it from a very reputable source (the Incredibles) that capes are quite dangerous for super heroes. Meg is going to hang out at Wingdoodle for a while and protect my sanity.

P. Bear is teeny, like around 2 or 3 inches. He's a Panda Bear and, despite his size, he has already left home. He is off to the adFunture/DKE Toys Custom Yoka Show at Designer Con in Pasadena, CA on Sat. November 21. So if you live near there, and aren't busy, go visit him. Tell P. Bear I said "hi" and I hope he's doing OK, and to let me know if he needs any money (plastic, of course).


  1. doll and bear are soooooooo cute but where do you get them? who sells them so i can buy one or more? sandy

  2. Thanks!
    The Mega Munny is from and the Yoka bear is from


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