Monday, November 9, 2009

Angels? Fairies? Tangled.

I designed this angel for our town's "3rd Annual Warner Holiday Shopping Tour." In the ads and on the posters she is holding red shopping bags. I was inspired by the Klimt paintings that I have been researching lately. Klimt's images have realistic painted faces and then the clothes are more geometric, abstract, and full of patterns. And he uses lots of gold.

I think of my painted version as more of a holiday fairy or muse than an actual angel. I was kind of bummed that the one for the ads and poster isn't getting much face time. She's being shrunk down to nothingness in favor of more text. Maybe it's because I am 90% illustrator and only 10% graphic designer... but I think posters and ads should be all about the image. So I have decided to use my painted version for my own holiday ads and cards. I made a giclee print of her too, which I have for sale in my gallery at Wingdoodle and I will put on Etsy soon.

What I think is interesting about her, either version, is that everything, except her face, is created from tangles! Gives new meaning to "tangled hair," eh?


  1. She's wonderful! So cool to see where you are going with the Klimt inspiration.

  2. Sandy,
    She's gorgeous! Great Zentangling!
    Have a wonderful holiday season. Say HI to your mom for me.

  3. What a beautiful holiday image!
    Can you tell us how you illustrated her? Is it paint, pastels, mixed media?
    The collage of swirls in the background is wonderful on its own.
    How'd you do that? Do tell!

    I enjoy your site; thank you for sharing your talent.

  4. Thanks everybody! :-)
    The angel (muse) is painted with acrylics and Pitt pens on a wood panel. I did the background first with many layers of color, then swirly stamps with gold and silver paint. The gold Zentangle dress was drawn with gold Pitt pen. If you haven't tried Pitt pens you MUST! Very nice in altered books too.

    And if you really like her, you can get cards and gift tags here:* :-)


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