Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tangle of the Week - Shattuck

Shattuck is one of my most favorite tangles. There is so much flexibility. I like to draw it as a more organic, plant-like shape, but if you do it flatter and straighter, it looks more basket-woven-ish. If you "mess-up" the back and forth weaving pattern, it still looks cool! And try having your rainbow arcs meet in the center, instead of near the veins, and you get an amazing braided pattern.


  1. Wow! this was from my birthday 3 years ago, and I only just heard about this in the last month! I am really impressed with the variety/flexibility of the patterns. TYVM for putting up the steps for these!

  2. Your site is excellent and I will be introducing my art students to your site because it is clear and easy to navigate!


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