Sunday, May 31, 2009

Run away, run away!

I am running away this week.
I will (try) to bury my feet in the sand and screw my head back on. Sometimes life just moves too fast around me and if I try to keep up... well, what's the point?
I figured I'd pack today and then try to relax, play some wii with my husband then take off tomorrow morning. But the cat's in the cradle, the kids have the flu... there's an important retailer's meeting tomorrow morning (early!!) and I got an email, last second, telling me that I had not gotten an email that had told me my illustration was unacceptable and I need to redo it. What would you do? I think I know what my friend Jen would do. Well, maybe not. She is rather responsible at times. Needless to say, I want to runaway NOW and not come back. And now I remember WHY I stopped doing free-lance. I guess I'm not very good at reading peoples' minds and my email server is out to get me in trouble.

When I get back I will back-track and write about the Spring Into Warner event and my Open Studio and the Gnu Preview party and I'll post the pictures and I'll set up some new classes and I'll learn some French and clean out my closet... OK? Bye.

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  1. Deep breath, count to ten. Pick one thing to finish, and put the others aside til it's done. Do the kids really have the flu or is that just part of the song?


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