Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tangle of the Week - Poke Root

In honor of Spring, finally, showing up in NH. Here is a tangle with growing things.

I didn't like this pattern when I first tried it. I kept seeing the shapes as "ping pong paddles" and had trouble drawing them. When I shifted my perception to see them as "berries"... wow! that's cool! If you like drawing them as "paddles" you can actually get some interesting pine cone effects or even fish scales. If you are really having trouble with it, try perfecting "poke leaf" first. And be sure to try it with an aura around the final layer!


  1. my first attempt looked like mushrooms!

  2. At least it's organic. My ping pong paddles? Not so much. Try putting a teeny little curve on the inner end of the "stem" (look at the berries on the far left of my sample), and then try making the berry part, very large and round. Or, just give the Tangle a new name, like... "Shrooms"!


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