Monday, May 18, 2009

Tangle of the Week - Knightsbridge

Yes, Knightsbridge is a "basic" pattern, but it has unlimited customizing options. Also, this simple grid is the basis for many advanced patterns. Once you master the straight on grid, you can wiggle the lines and really distort things. A tip I learned for coloring in checkerboard squares, is to always color the square that is touching the corner of the one you just colored. If you jump around "black, then white, then black..." as soon as you hit an object that is in front of the checkerboard, you can get confused. By going corner to corner, you circle the object and fill in more reliably. Of course, if you do "mess up"... just go with it and do random squares filled-in. That makes a cool pattern like an old tiled floor. Try it on purpose!

To get the "bubble" effect as shown above, draw the circle first, then the checkerboard lines around it. The checkerboard IN the circle should be drawn larger, as if it is being magnified. It's very cool - practice!

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  1. Thanks I will practice. Heaven knows I need a lot of practice. Kind of like practicing McLean's method of writing in elementary. LOL


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