Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: The Food Babe Way

I'm not so fond of advertising or doing plugs for companies - even if I actually use their products. I DO like to share about things that get me excited - like women who are making a fuss. A positive fuss. They stand up, speak out and risk becoming a target.

I've been following Vani Hari's food blog,, for about a year. The Food Babe makes a huge fuss - and she gets results. She's the Sherlock Holmes of food and she gets attacked - not just by the big companies, but by ordinary people who somehow feel threatened by her discoveries. Food is a very personal thing.

Vani recently came out with a book that pulls together her ideas and research from her website and puts it all into an easily "digestible" plan. It's not a typical diet book - although the cover text may sound that way.  She's not just talking about eating less sugar, but eating less freaky chemicals - like yoga mat foam and silly putty. Eeeewww!

Learning that creepy stuff is in Subway sandwiches... which I used to think of as "healthy" alternatives to McD's... seriously puts me off my lunch. But the Food Babe isn't just in this for the freak-out factor, she lays it all out for you, and she suggests alternatives, lots of action ideas - if you like to take action - and hope. Really, things CAN improve.

If you are more of a quiet action person, like me, don't get overwhelmed or offended by the Food Babe Army concept. It takes very strong people who are willing to speak up and keep attacking (verbally) in order to get real changes made in the industry. Start where you are.

I'm not at the petition or boycott level, but I can still make a difference. I like having the information so I can make changes in my own life and refrigerator. For example, we eat Annie's Mac and Cheese, not Kraft.

Another way I can make a difference is to share this book with you. Here's an official blurb that describes it nicely:

This is the book you absolutely HAVE to read if you want to know the tricks of the food industry and how you can use them to your advantage to be and stay healthy. The Food Babe Way goes into all the things they want to hide and tells you exactly what you should do about it. It’s a book that the fitness and diet industry have never written—because these fundamentals are so much more affordable than expensive supplements, workouts and gym memberships. In The Food Babe Way, you’ll learn how to:
  • Develop 21 simple, lasting habits that will get you off chemical-laced food for good
  • Avoid the top 15 ingredients that wreak havoc on your weight, beauty, and health
  • Spot manipulative marketing and manufacturing techniques the food industry uses to get you to eat processed foods or hide questionable ingredients
  • Replace the foods that make you fat, look older, and sap your energy with healthful, delicious substitutes
  • Prepare dozens of additive-free meals with easy and delicious recipes

You can get your copy of The Food Babe Way at:

I pre-ordered my copy on Amazon, a few months ago, when Vani first announced it. She also sent me a free copy so I could review it. I'm going to donate the second copy to my local library. 

The Food Babe is drop dead gorgeous. I admit to feeling skeptical when she describes what she looked like "Before." How could someone who looks like this, ever have been anything but fabulous? Take a look at the link for the trailer below.  It shows a few pictures of what Vani looked like on her All-American diet of fast food and junk food. That face and body look nothing like the Food Babe in the pictures above. 

Video book trailer:

I don't mean to sound superficial - I know that a person's worth is not to be judged just by their looks. But if you eat chemicals and crap, that eventually takes its toll on your body and shows on your face. Besides the whole "I like to support other women who are making the world a better place" thing... I have my own reasons for wanting to know more about what's in my food. Here's the quick version of my own story:

I had radiation as a teen which led to a destroyed immune system, tons of illnesses, mono, serious depression, medications, allergies, difficult pregnancies....

Things got so bad that I was allergic to the allergy shots! I had to walk with a cane because of severe pain and arthritis caused by a deformed hip bone (from the radiation). I suffered through eight sinus infections in a row one winter. When my daughter was born, I had strep followed by a second case of mono. If I went out in public... I got sick. It's very hard to be creative when you are miserable.

What changed?


I read a book called Potatoes Not Prozac: Solutions for Sugar Sensitivity and despite a total lack of support from the medical community, I watched a miracle happen as I weaned myself off of my major sugar addiction.

You wouldn't believe all the changes that occurred, but if you have met me in person, you will notice that I don't use a cane - and I can hula hoop! I'm not on any medications and haven't suffered from serious depression in years. I am still 20 pounds overweight and have some trouble sleeping, but nothing like insomnia anymore. Seeing the Food Babe's book gets me so excited - if I could witness so many positive changes in my life - just from cutting back on sugar - what could I do if I got some of those other chemicals out of my system?!

If that sort of thing gets you jumping for joy too, you'll want to read this book.
If you are tired of pouring a rainbow of chemicals into your kids, you will want to read this book.
If you just want a clear list of what is safe to eat - and then get on with your life - you will also want to read The Food Babe Way!


  1. Downloaded two books this morning. One is a daily devotional for Lent.

    The other is The Food Babe Way. Something prophetic here? Wonder what I'll give up for Lent? Hmmmmm

    Thanks for sharing! Great timing!

  2. Thanks for the great info - just ordered the book.


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