Saturday, December 13, 2014

November Journal Pages

Feels like we jumped right from Halloween to Christmas - but when I think hard about it - there was a lot that happened in November. Makes my head spin thinking about it all. December is moving just as fast. I'm getting those weird fantasies again about a week spent just "puttering". At home. Maybe with someone leaving meals for me on the doorstep...

For now, here are my Journal52 pages for the month of November:

Week 44 - Skyline
Uni Pin Pen, Tombow markers, waterbrush

I strayed a little above the "skyline" but had fun making a sunset in the background with the markers and blending with the waterbrush.

© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 45 - Thinking of You
Pilot brush pen, pencil, watercolor, solid tempera paint crayon.

I find that song lyrics help me to focus my ideas for these prompts. This song, "Try" by Colbie Caillat, has been haunting me lately. It makes me so sad. I have met so many people - mostly women, but a few men too - who are trying so hard... but still aren't happy. And this time of year especially, I find myself wondering, "Why am I doing this? ... this isn't ME."

That's not really lipstick on the mirror - it's a very cool hybrid product. It's kind of like the Gelatos, smoodgey and silky, blendable, but it dries like paint. 
© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 46 - Napkin
Sharpie Pen, dinner napkin, fingerprints

It was just before Thanksgiving and not a single interesting napkin in the house! Time to remind myself that I am OCD, not a perfectionist... it only needed to be "finished" not "perfect"! This quote gave me another reason not to feel bad that I don't host Norman Rockwell worthy Thanksgiving parties.
© Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 47 - Wise Words 
Sharpie pen, Staedtler Fineliner Pens

I think this has been my year for playing with lettering and quotes! I work with words and pictures all the time, but separately. I love the idea of playing with them combined... illustrated letters and letters that form the illustrations.

This page uses the Staedtler pens I mentioned in the recent coloring book post. [If you are interested, I added some more art to that post with these pens - scroll down near the bottom to see it.]

© Sandy Steen Bartholomew


  1. Your lettering is beautiful. And journal pages are unbelievably gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do in Tangled Lives!

    1. Hi Debra, What is "Tangled Lives"? Sounds like a challenge for 2015, which I'm very interested in! Thanks, Libby Unnerstall

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  4. Cool! I wish you and yours a happy holiday season and the richest, healthiest, and most prosperous years ahead.

  5. Beautiful! My favorite type of art: great words, illustrated. Thank you for sharing! Gotta pin now... :)


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