Monday, March 5, 2012

UNTangle Retreat Complete

When it ended, I binged on chocolate, then slept for 14 hours. Yes, the retreat was THAT good!
If you would like to see even more pictures, there are lots posted on Facebook.

I still can't get over how many people came up here for this retreat! Even with the snowstorm. What an amazing group of people - an interesting mix of skills and characters - and even a few men. Whoo-hoo! Linda Pearl did an impressive job getting it all pulled together and she is already planning another retreat for the last weekend in September (write that in your calendar!) UN-Tangle 2 will be a day longer and will have some business stuff added in. I'll tell you more about it when I can.

I am also really grateful to Jody Ehler for helping out as my assistant. Seriously. I could not have done this. Nuh-uh. No way. She was also really good at sticking my head back on my shoulders and did everything except remind me to eat my vegetables. (yuck, veggies). Although the food WAS really good!

So, we tangled and played and tried out stuff and triumphed and burned some things and messed up a few others... mostly triumphed I think. :-) On Sunday, when many in the group took turns showing off their creations, there were some amazing, heartfelt stories shared... And we also discovered a bunch of comedians hiding amongst these, mostly, normal seeming folks!

I am staying the rest of this week here at The Beachmere to work on a new project for Fox Chapel. (I think I am the only person here today! A tiny bit creepy, but also very calming.) I crave the quiet time to recharge and recuperate, but also miss everyone already!! I don't think I have talked that much, or laughed that hard!! in a VERY long time! I hope to cross paths - and play - with you all again soon! Thank you so much for taking the time to hang out with me - I hope you all had a wonderful time. :-)

Linda Pearl coordinated all the left-brain aspects of the weekend. I handled the right.

My paparazzi!?

Tracy and Merry introduce themselves and show off their creations.

Marcia tangling part of the window.
The windows viewed from below, in the pub.
Through the tangled window... to the beach. Can you believe we had this view from our workroom?! (Snow, sea and surfers. Seriously.)

My room with a view.


  1. Congrats on a fun and successful retreat. I'm sure all the participants are feeling very grateful as well!

  2. How wonderful! So nice you get to spend some alone time there to recharge. Looks like you had lots of fun!

  3. So-o great a retreat; exploration and discovery time on many levels. Linda, Jodi, and Sandy - what a team! We All learned so much. Beachmere and Kim: fantastic! Still want to see the photo of Kim when she saw the windows. We laughed, cried, shared, taught and learned from each other. Sandy: teacher, role model and truly open person. Linda fascilitator par excelance!

  4. Love the windows! Very cool idea.

    Congrats on a successful weekend to you both - and your extended stay to recoup.:o)

  5. Happy!! Oh, I just adore the windows. My inspiration...or more obession, I can't tell sometimes.

  6. What a wonderful retreat. Beautiful windows. I wish I lived closer I would love to take lessons. Your party pics are great. I love this site.


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