Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Closer Look

If you watched the YouTube video of me demoing at CHA and kept wishing you could get a closer look at what I was actually doing...

I can't go back in time, or change the video, but I did scan the art that I was working on:

I hope that helps a bit!
This is Page 25 from the new Tangled Fashionista book.

I am going to Maine for my UN-Tangle Retreat - tomorrow!?- but when I get back next week, I will have these books available on my Bumblebat Etsy store. (I will have them available for CZTs too). I'll upload some more sample pics from the book. And, if you can wait to order it from me... (bribery follows)... you can get the books signed. Not enough? OK, my copies also come with a bookmark of 4 body stickers (removable tattoos). More?! OK, I have some "secret" extra pages you'll be able to download, print out, and color!

And, speaking of retreats, my workshop at The Midwest Art and Lettering Retreat has only a few spots left! I know it is not until August, but it's almost full! Wowza. I have heard that everyone who has signed up is a CZT (Certified Zentangle® Teacher) - so that takes the class to a new level. If you are a newbie, this isn't the class for you. But don't worry, Linda and I are working on some other ideas for retreats later this year. That is assuming this weekend goes well! ;-)

My daughter has an ear infection and this morning, she said "Hi mommy! My tummy feels funny...." then ran into the bathroom and starting puking. Ugh. And it snowed last night and I can't get my car out of the carport to go to The Belfry and fill orders and finish packing stuff. I still need to wash clothes, et al... and have I mentioned how excited and nervous I am!? Eeeek. But it's going to be fine. Fine. Just fine. I just feel really bad for my retreater from Arizona whose flight was canceled and she can't get another one in time. :-( We'll have to put together some goodies to send her from the weekend so she can do a mini-retreat at home.

Well... it IS really beautiful outside right now.


  1. Will definitely be buying the book for myself and two granddaughters and grand nieces to "play with" this summer. It's looks like so much fun!

  2. Can't wait to order for the granddaughters and of course ME! We really must put together a WESTERN retreat soon. I'd be happy to work on getting things together and wish I could attend the Midwestern retreat, but the dates just didn't work out in our schedule. I was thinking an early winter retreat in SUNNY AZ - What do you think?

  3. I already ordered mine from your Etsy store and can't wait to receive it. I have all your books, they are so fun and informative! I look forward to any order I place from you. There is always a few surprises in the box which makes it so much more fun to open. A little lagnaippe, thanks Sandy! Have a fun and safe trip, wish I lived closer.
    Jessica LA

  4. Slow down will be fine! The weather will be just right by the time that you get the laundry done and your packing finished...sorry your Lilah isn't feeling well! Just go and Have Fun!!! YES...that will be a chore...but do have FUN! They are all waiting on you! Enjoy! I will wait till you get back to order your new book! (the extra pages won me over!!!)
    Be safe!
    Aloha, Andrea

  5. Sandy,
    This weekend was incredible!! Thank you SOOOO much for all the great ideas. We had a wonderful time un-tangling and talking with you. We can't wait till the next one. :)
    ~Stacey B

  6. Sandy,
    This was an amazing weekend. So many great ideas and so much fun. Met so many interesting and talented people. You and Linda and Jody went above and beyond to make this such a great experience. Enjoy the rest of your week at the Beachmore.
    Kathy B

  7. Although this will be the first of your books that I won't purchase (call it a guy issue), I can certainly appreciate its beauty. Congratulations! I like adding a little of color to my tangles sometimes, and it is fun. Hope Lilah is doing better and that you're having a better week. Blessings!


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