Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Post-Party Pics

We had the BEST book party EVER this past Saturday! "Fairies and Fashion"...

I hadn't realized how badly I needed a party - and sometimes it is nice to be a celebrity for... about 3 hours. This party was to celebrate my new book (coloring book) "Tangled Fashionista" and Jen Carson's new fantasy novel, "Hapenny Magick". I did my usual, pre-party-panic... "What if no one comes? What if a TON of people come?" We had about 100 visitors over the 3 hours! (Thanks to everyone who came! I hope you had as much fun as we did!?)

Deb Moore of The Foothills restaurant constructed the most AMAZING castle cake. Not only was it gorgeous and awe-inspiring, but it was delicious too. Each section was a different kind of cake (vanilla below, chocolate and pound cake above). I sampled every section after the party was over - they were all good. I was a "little" hyper for the rest of the evening!

Anyone else feel REALLY nervous...?
Touch-ups and details
The details were amazing... do you see the tiny, sleeping flower-fairy baby next to the trunk?
Karin (left) was our greeter and chief tattoo-er. Sue, a local groupie... Bette and Jodi (right) are CZT groupies. Jodi is my "biggest fan".
Looks like there's a turret up my nose!
Oh, the photo opps!
(Click pic to see larger) - We started off with a fairly quick Zentangle demo. The kids sitting on the floor, and a handful of adults were willing to give it a try. All those serious looking folks in the back were too timid... or maybe they just came for the cake?

Jen read from her new book "Hapenny Magick"
Little fairies playing in the forest "Play-r Om"
Coloring pages from the coloring book
Making buttons and shields
"Why, yes, I bet I could deconstruct that pattern!" I wish I had made a photocopy. It was a great pattern. If you see this, please send me a copy. Please, please...
Jenna Greene played haunting fairy music. She'll be back for "Spring Into Warner" on May 19th! (Click the photo to visit her website)
Oh yes! And we also signed BOOKS! ;-D
Postscript... Postmortem.. alas, the castle hath toppled-eth. We tried to keep the front of the castle pristine for as long as possible. So cake was cut and served from the base, until we discovered that the castle part was CHOCOLATE! AHHH! So we cut and served the back of the castle. Near the end of the party I spied chunks of chocolate cake on the floor... and my eye moved up and up until... EEEK! The castle had fallen off!!! It was lying on top of the tiny fairy cakes. It was still delicious. In fact, it IS still delicious. We had some after dinner tonight as part of our Ostara celebration (yes, I know it is a day late!)

Postscript, Postscript - As for the books... you may remember that I wrote about Jen back in October of 2011 when she was doing a Kickstarter project to raise money for this book. If you want to know more about her and see all her links, take a look at that post. If you would like to buy her books, or mine, please consider buying them from one of our sites (Etsy is good!)... for Jen's and for mine. If you prefer to shop at your local bookstore, that is very cool! Or use Amazon... we don't mind as long as you read our books!! :-)


  1. It was a blast! So glad I brought the boys out too! They are having fun learning a bit about patterning and of course they keep talking about the playroom! :) I am loving the Fashionista book and hope to get started on Happeny Magick this weekend. :) Y'all put on a great little event! Hope to see ya again soon!

  2. What great fun you all had! Now on to the next project. :D

  3. Oh my god that cake is AMAZING! And yes, you did have a turret up your nose. But at least it was chocolate. And you and Jen look like sisters. I've been replaced!

  4. A couple of people remarked that we looked like twins - one man introduced me to his wife as "Jen". I'd never seen the resemblance before... perhaps it's like people who start to resemble their pets? ;-D
    And you would have enjoyed this party if you hadn't been on the other side of the world... beach-combing... in Fiji... (good excuse, actually).


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