Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tangled Rug

The rug in the hotel hallway. Kind of like Cadent... but the "dots" are in the center, right? Oh, now I'll be up late untangling the rug! ;-)

A few hours later....
Yes, it is rather like Huggins, the curvy W2. But there is always a harder way to do things, and don't you forget it! So I used little crosses and dots to make a grid, then connected them with little curvy lines. I'm gonna call it "InProv" since I'm flying by the seat of my pants here. (what the heck does that mean anyway?) here is a philosophical question for you: is it still a tangleation if it uses a different process to create a similar pattern? What is that process called where you create a complex machine to do a simple job? My brain hurts- going to bed!


  1. Could you use Huggins as the base, with flowers at alternating corners?

  2. Perhaps. If you like to do things the easy way.;-) although, not everybody considers Huggins to be easy...

  3. Two things... First this pattern has a base of shapes very similar to the single block quilting pattern known as Apple Core (think of an apple eaten down to the core), and second, 'flying by the seat of your pants' means flying without the benefit of instruments, knowing how fast you are going and what your trim is just by how the plane feels under you, literally how it feels to the seat of your pants. Most of us drive this way without even realizing it. Looks like you are having a blast.

  4. That is very interesting... I had always considered that phrase to suggest that the person was a bit out of control and unsure. But, from your explanation, it is actually the opposite. The person has such a great sense of the situation, they have no need for technological help. Hmmmm....


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