Monday, October 17, 2011

Mastering Procrastination

Slept til 10:30.
Only ate the cereal with sugar on the biscuits.
Didn't shower.
Didn't do my homework.
Walked along the ocean... Against the flow of tourists.
Entertained uncharitable thoughts towards the packs of women gossiping instead of looking at the ocean.
Flashed a charming smile at the older gentleman in their wake.
Tried on an obscenely huge pile of artsy clothes.
Bought everything that fit (20% off!).
Had German chocolate cake and iced chai... For lunch.
Bought dark chocolate dipped apricots at the candy shoppe. And some toys I might give the kids for Xmas.
Or not.
Wandered thru art galleries and shops.
Thought I heard the ocean say that I needed a haircut.
Let the salon lady chop off my hair and give me bangs. I kept my eyes closed, but it sounded like a razor blade...?
Stood on the cliff with the wind whipping my new bangs into my eyes.
Had a sudden realization that in all the years I had been coming to Ogunquit for renewal, never once had my (ex)husband ever joined me in my bizarre (?) ritual.
Felt grateful.
Lay in the sun and read 5 chapters of The Lace Reader.
Ate the chocolates.
Spread out all my homework ( the book).
Decided I really, really don't want to redo it.
Tossed everything onto the floor.
Realized the ocean not only wanted me to get a haircut, but also thinks I need a sabbatical. How can I possibly write more books unless I take some time to create things worth writing about?
Decided to blog it. .
Tomorrow... Back home and the To Do lists.
But, first, I may stop to visit Rose at the puzzle store... For a few hours. :-)


  1. Cute haircut! I know exactly what you mean about procrastination!!! I thought I was the queen of procrastination but obviously we are kindred spirits!

  2. I like the haircut, and the bangs. Hint: never cut your bangs yourself... most salons will give free bang trims.

    Sounds like you used your vacation well. Do your homework later!!

  3. You are smart to listen to the ocean -- it is very old and wise! You are very young and wise.

  4. Most people never learn the art of being by themselves without being lonely. I'm glad you have a place to go and recharge we should all have one. I don't think my husband would understand my need for a vacation by myself.....why don't men 'get' that?? I think its because men don't need it.

    Sometimes you just need to feel the sand between your toes and have the surf fill your mind with rythmic 'noise'. Good for you! Hugs! deb

  5. love the bangs and love the post. I'd say you are doing your "homework" by paying attention to all the things around you. And having the ocean as your teacher, well, is there anything better?

  6. There is no creation if your inner soul is spent. Never feel guilty for taking the time to do that which refuels your creativity.

  7. LOVE the new do!!!...change is a good thing, helps us to move forward...good for you!!!

    lindsay (saw '11)

  8. your list of activity sounds fabulous! I like the chocolate part & reading 5 chapters while laying on the beach.Taking care of you! it's a good (& necessary) thing!

  9. That haircut is a work of art! I think you are wise to step back from the book if it is fighting you so hard. You can bring a book to water, but you can't make it drink. Even if you drop it in.

  10. I love your hair!! Thanks for sharing your days at the ocean with us....I could picture everything you mentioned and it took me there as well. What a very special time after the very special time in Providence! It's interesting how the ocean can calm your mind, isn't it?

  11. love you hair too! thanks for sharing your time at the ocean. I enjoyed meeting you so much. You have a lovely spirit and if one step back to go three forward is what you need just follow your instincts and take it!

  12. ahhhh!! you described my perfect day! :) (or what it would be like)

  13. Your blog post makes a great poem! And even though I have only seen a couple pix of you, there is no question the bangs are a great addition. You look cool. Thanks for sharing your procrastination saga. Personally, I like to clean the lint out of the dryer. Not sure why, but when I am in avoidance mode I always end up doing that.

  14. LOL! It's good to hear that other creative types need time to recharge like me. I've been so overwhelmed at work and other issues lately, that I hadn't done much creating until today. lt's such a wonderful feeling when you finally can let it out. Blessings!

  15. I. Love. Your. Haircut!! It looks fabulous on you. :) And take a break already - I'm still dreaming of writing a book someday and just the thought is enough to almost put me over the edge.

  16. Thanks everyone. I can't get my hair to be that smooth though. it keeps frizzing. But at least, now, it is frizzing with layers and bangs! As for taking a break... not sure how that is working. I just can't say no to new opportunities! I was asked to teach Zentangle on a cruise on the Danube... YES!? Can I send a disc of the files for my new book to the new publisher... YES!? And I won't say anything about all the insane ideas Jodi Ehler and I have been brainstorming about... I need to sleep for a few days....


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