Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meanwhile, Back on the Cliff...

After all that stimulating Zentangle-ish relaxation, I ran away to Maine to hide for a few days. I underestimated the Friday traffic, so 5 hours later, I arrived at my hideaway, exhausted and seriously stressed. I also forgot that any weekend in October is considered a photo opp weekend for tourists and leaf peepers, despite the lack of colorful leaves to peep at. In other words, I am surrounded by more people, and more nationalities, here than I was in Providence! Ah well. When I am thoroughly finished procrastinating, I need to get to work on the book that is due in two weeks. Sounds familiar, eh? But first I will eat some dark chocolate pretzels, stare at the ocean, and upload a few pics for you all...


  1. Thanks for posting the photos from the Maine, Sandy. Living in the hills of north Mississippi, I've always wanted to enjoy the autumn color and rugged shoreline! Paula

  2. Sandy,
    That looks like the Ogunquit area that we visit in the summer, along the Marginal Way (or Miracle Mile as my husband calls it). Would love to be there now, even with crowds. Rest up and give us another wonderful book. I like your tangle books the best.
    Linda Swanekamp


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