Friday, July 15, 2011


To celebrate the new book (it's almost here!), Linda Farmer (over at TanglePatterns) and I want to have a contest. Yah! Free stuff! BUT... what's the contest? Something involving talent, or completely random? Just for kids? Everybody? Books as prizes, of course... What would be the coolest contest and the best prizes? Tell me! I can handle it. :-)


  1. But of course, the best prize would be an autographed copy of your book, with the next best being Zentangle products like tiles and then pens.

    Can't wait to see the new book!

  2. How about a contest where a person and a kidlet work together? That would mean that parents and kidlets could do something together or grammy and grampy and grandkidlets would work together.

    Or you could just throw out a theme and open it to everyone and then have prizes for specialized groups--adults, kidlets ages 4-6, 8-11, 12-14.

  3. not having kidlets in the house and living too far from the grands, I'd like to see any age. For me, a random drawing would be less intimidating than having my "art" judged.

    An autographed book would be a FINE prize. Throw in some tiles and it would be even better.

    Just MHO

  4. How about people coming up with kid friendly tangle patterns?
    The prize - oh, your new book, of course!

  5. I think, given that Zentangle is different to everyone and encourages people who aren't necessarily artists to become artists, that a random drawing would be best. I often feel in contests where submissions are judged that what I can produce is just not as good as someone else's work, and therefore I don't even enter. So, random is good.

    As far as prizes, I lean in preference toward raw materials: tiles, ATC tiles, pens, etc. Autographed books would be cool too. Non-autographed books are okay, but I follow your blog because I have and love your books already - owning another plain copy would be nice to give as a gift, but I don't really need another one.

    As other commenters, just MHO. I really appreciate what you do, Mrs. Bartholomew (and Mrs. Farmer too!), and whatever you and Mrs. Farmer decide will be fabulous!

  6. Random drawing and the prize is an autographed copy of your book!

  7. Random drawing with an autographed book would be a FABULOUS prize. Add a few tiles, maybe a pen and it would be even better!

  8. How about 2 winners? One random from email entries (no art involved) and one from kid-oriented tangles sent in (winner chosen by tangle savvy kids). Give the winners their choice of a fab book or some tiles/pens. SandyBee, You Rock!


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