Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Contest! Bring it!

I know! I know! I know what we'll do as a contest to celebrate the new book! (And thanks for all your ideas!)

Take a look at this army of Bots on the Sharpie Marker blog.

I want an army of MINIONS! 
That's right, send in the Lilah Beans!

So, if you want to play (and win stuff), here are the rules:

It can be made out of anything that will stand up - cardboard, fabric, domino, fome-cor, polymer clay, shrink plastic... anything that won't rot or smell.

• The finished piece must be 6 inches or smaller.

• Sign the back!

• The Lilah Beans will not be returned (They become my property. I mean, really, how can I take over the world if my minions are constantly taking vacations to visit family!?)

• If you send a SASE (that's a self-addressed STAMPED envelope) with your LB, I will send you a little treat just for entering.

• Be sure to include your NAME, mailing address, and any online link (blog, website) you might want me to shamelessly promote on my blog.

• GRAND PRIZE (MY absolute favorite entry) will win an official Zentangle kit and ZT for Kidz! book

• PEOPLE's CHOICE (that's you guys' choice) will win an assortment of Zentangle supplies ... and ZT for Kidz! book

• VARIOUS OTHER PRIZES (I'll decide the categories after I see what you all send!) will include ZT stuff...and ZT for Kidz! books

• Winners will also be featured on the site.

• DEADLINE: August 10th, 2011

• So start training those little jelly beans. Whip them into shape and march them off to:

Beez Ink Studio
PO Box 359
Warner, NH 03278

• PS Originality counts!! (That, and great hair...)


  1. Oh gosh...I am thinking I'm in. A Lilah Bean From New Zealand....

  2. I'm in -- so many ideas, so little time!

  3. What a fun contest! I'll definitely have to play!
    Hey, tried to visit the Zentangle for Kidz site & keep getting message that I'm not invited. Can I come & play?

  4. Patti - tell the site that I said to play nice. I don't know why it is telling you that you can't come in? It is just an ordinary site - no membership or permission needed. Try typing: into your browser. I hope that works? :-)

  5. I wanna play, but please define a lilah bean, precisely. My head is swimming with minions, so I need it narrowed down a hair.


  6. Oh - you TOTALLY need this new book! It's all about minions. ;-D A Lilah Bean is that little creature in the image above - holding hands with the robot. If you look at the kid's website ( and expand your window as far as it can go... there are lots of little Lilah Beans in the background. Also, see Totally Tangled page 42.

  7. Silverpaw - you are correct - it IS all about the HAIR! ;-D

  8. So, I said that I didn't want a judged contest, but I take it back! This will be so fun! I like - no, love the contest you came up with! Even if I don't win, at least I'll have fun, and really, that is winning in my book. Off to make a minion...

  9. This looks a fun contest to enter. I have a cute idea, but how many Lilah Beans are you allow to enter?
    Mollosus' Lilah Bean is so cute!

  10. Enter as many as you like! (But you can only win one prize). And yes, Molosus rocks!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I was going to have some students do some if I had time but I don't.... we will barely have been in school 2 days. They starte the 8th here. I start tomorrow.... maybe you can do one that just for kids later.... after I win the book LOL again just kidding :)

  13. Mines almost done. Hope to get it in the mail in time!

  14. I made my Lilah Bean(s) the other night. Will post them to my blog tonight. Will mail entry this weekend.

  15. I sent mine today!! I'm excited, this is such a fun contest. I can't wait to see them all :)


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