Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tangled...uh... Tuckered... Out

Want to see what we are doing at the Master Zentangle Class in Newport, RI? Rick and Maria are putting pictures and posts on their blog:

In the bird's eye view, I am in the back row, in black, next to Suzanne McNeil. We did the most amazing illuminated letters today. No one wanted to stop working, but we got a private trolley that took us to a mansion at Salve Regina College, where we hunted down patterns for new tangles! What an insanely fun day! I am so exhausted I literally fell over when I got back to my room and my eyes are closing...


  1. I'm with you Sandy, amazing view from the front row too. Completely exhausted, in the best way possible.

  2. I positively drooled over the pictures... what an awesome event! I so wish I could have attended this one, but have my fingers crossed for the next one! I would have been so exciting to meet you in person after following your blog for so long! Some day I am talking my daughter into a road trip!


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