Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art & Soul Virginia

Sign-ups are now open for Art & Soul Virginia 2011! I was accepted to teach two classes, one on Sunday - 1270 - Zentangle® 101 and the second on Monday - 1271 - On Beyond Zentangle® .  My classes this past spring were all sold out! So sign up soon. If you have never been to Art & Soul, this is one of the most wonderful retreats. The Embassy Suites is luxurious and the convention center has spacious rooms. But the best part is being surrounded by all the creative, whacky people. It's nice to feel like you "fit-in" - at least for a few days!

Cheryl Darrow from TenSeconds Studio is teaching a class called - 1149 - Metal Repousse in Altered Art. It sounds intimidating but it is like Zentangle on metal! I have to go explore the listings and try to decide what I want to take. The only bummer to being a teacher, is that some of the classes I want are on the same days that I am teaching!


  1. My first visit to your AMAZING Blog (via into my following list! I love that hand you very cool! This is a fun place to visit, I'll be back....would LOVE to take a class from you someday!!

  2. It sounds like fun! You'll have to enjoy it extra much for all of us that can't attend!

    Ooh. Had to come back to edit. My verification word to post this was Oroprogi. I'm not sure what tangle that is, but I just know it's going to be a cool one!

  3. I'm hoping you'll teach at Portland Art & Soul next year!


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