Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tangle of the Week - Tasket

A week or so ago - when I posted my Zentangles from my Middle East trip - I described my adventure in figuring out the steps to drawing the basket on the ship's deck. I asked if anyone could figure out the steps for "TASKET" from my sketchy clues. Sandra Strait did it!!
Easy-peasy, eh? And in typical Sandra Strait-style, she went one better and designed a fancy new version called "HYTINGU." (Sandra, can you post where the name comes from? Inquiring minds want to know!!)

I drove myself crazy with this one because I kept seeing it as some slanted form of Keeko. But it wasn't until I turned my head and squinted at it in frustration that I actually saw the zig-zag structure!! The zig-zags are almost completely disguised by the time all the lines are drawn. I think this is the real challenge of designing a new tangle. How do you break it down into 6 or less simple steps? it can be really tough. There are a bunch of beautiful, complex patterns that I came across while working on THE BOOK - that I gave up on. They had to be drawn or sketched, not built. When I get back from VA, I may post some and see what you all make of them! If they make your brains melt trying to figure out the steps... well, I will feel a lot better! Tee-hee.

Oh, and before I run off again, I wanted to remind you to take a look at Sandra Strait's sites (she has a bunch of great tangles in "Totally Tangled" as well!)  Her Flickr albums are amazing! the one titled "Zendoodles" has over 600 images! Yowza. And her blog Life Imitates Doodles has lots of links and tangle instructions too. If you have been wondering about how to use color in your Zentangles, Sandra does it expertly!


  1. Ah! It looks like your blog is taking comments now. I've tried a couple of times.

    Hytingu-it's the name of a Mayan tribe lost to the annals of mankind...Nah! I've been writing down those verification words that you have to type in when you post in someone's blog, lol! Hytingu just seemed to suit this tangle.

    And thank you, for the kind words, Rose!

    Thank you so much for the kind words and great write-up! Tasket's a wonderful tangle, and I had a fantastic time de-creating it.

  2. This is beautiful, so is the variation. I just got back from the CZT seminar in Mass. yesterday, and I have to say thank you for all that you do on this site! I feel like you have been my teacher right from the beginning, and I thank you from heart for all that you have taught me.

    I am enjoying your second book immensely, and I would love to help out breaking down a pattern you are interested in. Post away! -janeen duer

  3. I have just found your blog, Its wonderfull. I'm' just starting down this zen path, so finding any information on patterns is so helpfull. thanx

  4. Thanks for making zentangles so accessible for us visual learners! I tried the Zentangle blog & newsletter, but couldn't really wrap my head around it very well. Your tangle of the week is really making it click for me!

  5. Sandy, I am also having a problem drawing 'Tasket'. Can't seem to "get it".... but will keep trying.


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