Monday, May 31, 2010

Art - Soul - Tangled

I just posted over on my other blog about what I did at Art & Soul. If you want to see, go take a look. I'll wait......

So. What do you think? You wish you could play too, eh? Sign ups for next year will probably start this summer! Of course, you could always go to one of the other Art and Souls around the country (or the Greek Islands!?)

I mention that I taught, and sold at Vendor night... Well, since doing the usual thing is not an option no matter how tired I am (whoa - it's 1:54 am right now!?) - I decided to get some t-shirts from Vistaprint with a picture of my book on the back, and then put Zentangles all over the front - for each of us to wear at Vendor Night. And I did that. But then, I thought I'd need something more like an apron to wear in class... with Zentangles ALL over it.

Ah... yeah... that about covers it. I was actually afraid to overwhelm the students. (Tee hee).

I think I need to get my buttkiss into bed before I fall over onto the keyboard. But first (butt first?) I just wanted to say, if any of my new Zentangle-addict-students are reading this: I had a wonderful time meeting you and introducing you to Zentangle. Your wonderful comments (and the fact that nobody snuck out while I wasn't looking) mean an awful lot to me. I hope I will see you all in an advanced class next year! And please do let us all know what you are working on and how the tangling is going.


  1. OMG!! I love aprons - this one is fabulous!!!! Are you selling these , by any chance????

  2. Just ordered your two books!!:>)

  3. Wow - you don't do anything half-way!

  4. O. M. G.!!!!!! You are one amaaaaaaaaaaaazing woman! What a creative mind. I'm exhausted just LOOKING at your stuff! I don't know how you do it. OK...staying up 'til all hours of the night helps...but you've got to sleep sometime!
    If you ever market that apron, put one on my tab!
    Congrats on your book. I totally love it. Thanks for the autograph. I'll have to make the trip up to visit you and your mom at the store. Maybe she and I can sing the "Cows" song. (She'll know what I mean!)
    Love and hugs to the whole creative bunch of you.

  5. Sounds like you had a blast. Love the apron. Do I see some 'genuine' Lilah Beans in there?

    I finally received your book last week. I must have read it six times in the space of a day. I'm still looking at it. My daughter loves it too.

  6. Hey there! I absolutely love the apron. I've done Art and Soul in Portland a few years ago and loved it. Wish you were going to be out here I'd be in your class in a heartbeat!

    Questions--1. where did you get the blank white apron? 2. What pends did you use that didn't bleed on the fabric??


  7. Hey Sandy...what material is the apron and what pens did you use? Thanks and love the blog

  8. Jenn - I didn't do the back!
    Raine - "Cows, we're remarkable cows. And wherever we go..."?
    Stephanie & Liz - the apron is from my shop at ( there's a link on the right sidebar. I used Fabric gel pens from Pentel. I'll have those on my Etsy store soon.

  9. Hello Sandy,

    Just about two weeks ago I found Zentangle on the web by accident.....I somehow believe it was some devine intervention that led me to as you probably already know....I totally addicted!!! Head over heels in love with this form of art! I just got both of your books..."Totally Tangled" and "Yoga for your Brain" in the mail on Saturday. They are absolutely amazing! I love them both very much....just chock full of wonderful designs and easy and clear directions to follow! I am a bead artist and have ...well.....neglected my sweet little beads for tangling for now! I will hopefully...eventually find a way to incorporate both mediums to satisfy my hunger and love for both! Hats off to you are truly an inspiration to many! Thank you and....I look forward to your next book! Mandy


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