Monday, May 3, 2010

Tangle of the Week - Journal Page

I know I need to make up for quite a few weeks without Tangles! So here is the page from my journal where I recorded some of the great patterns I found:
We saw a lot of churches - especially in Paris - with amazingly complicated stained glass windows and iron work. In Israel - it was the mosaic work... and in Cyprus too - amazing mosaics. The funny thing is that most of the beautiful patterns from the mosaics are already "Zentangle" patterns. Hmmm... :-)

The pattern on the far right, 2nd down, was from the towel basket on the sundeck of our boat. I got a little... obsessed with figuring it out! The first try, I based on "Keeko", but drew it with more diagonal lines. But it wasn't right. Second try... not even close. But then I turned my head and squinted my eyes and noticed the zig-zag underlying pattern. The diagram on the bottom row, 2nd from the right, shows how I worked it out. Can you figure it out? Tee hee.

Also notice the four different patterns based on a simple fish scale design. One squares the scales, one points them (and adds little circles), one turns them into rainbows, and the simplest one, just stretches them.

When I get all my photos organized, I'll post some more of the great patterns and I'll sketch out some steps for them too.


  1. Wheeeee!!! A challenge.

    I love trying to determine what the real pattern is behind the design you see. I'm always surprised at how often I discover Cubine and Beeline or other tangles, just standing on their head or lying on their sides, lol!

    But then there is that moment when you discover something new, and you truly appreciate the elegance and grace of nature's artwork.

  2. Great post and page. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So glad you are safe and sound at home ! I love all the inspiration you found while on your trip. I can't wait to play with new patterns. Especially since I have your Zentangle Kit! I love, love , love it and get so many comments on it. It goes where I do and my friends just laugh when I reach in my purse. They know what I am reaching for!!LOL!! Thank you so much for the kit, your blog and the inspiration to try new tangles and discover some on my own!! Hugs..

  4. Love that basket pattern you collected. I've also noticed that I'm noticing zentangle patterns all over the place, lol!

    Glad you had a great trip, but also glad to have you back :-)

  5. Welcome back! I can see you did a lot on your journey! I am loving your book !

  6. Welcome back Sandy! Hope your book signing went as wonderful as it could have. Love this post!!! AND OMG The book is unbelievable! I can't wait to sell them to my students, they are going to LOVE IT!

  7. what a beautifull journal book! I got your book, all the way in HOLLAND

  8. Neat idea doing a wall! I am older and do have tattoos. I started getting them when I was 41, year of my divorce. My first was a hummingbird with a morning glory. My second was a dragonfly and my last a butterfly. All hidden if I need them to be. Pain was worth it! Except for my lower back. That was extremely painful.


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