Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Art & Soul...

Here are a few more things I made at Art & Soul. Prepared Journals and Metal Mesh collages. When I have a chance to take better photos, I'll add them to my website.


  1. You did a wonderful job with the metal mesh. I took the class, too, and so enjoyed seeing some finished pieces.
    Do you have any finished from Leighann? I also took that one, and found both to be really stimulating.


  2. These pages are beautiful ! I love how the two page spreads seem so seamless. Did your large images (ie : the face, the clock face of the doll,...) come from rubber stamps or are they image transfers ? Or did you draw them ? Just gorgeous ! Looks like the classes were wonderful ! You are a lucky lady !

  3. Hi Kim,
    (Thanks!) The large lady's face is a B&W photocopy from a Dover book. I painted and drew over her, then stamped the letters. The doll with clock face was assembled from a whole bunch of rubber stamps (ie: the dress is stamped with a spoon handle stamp). I made a B&W photocopy of the completed doll and used that here. The background was done using all the paint left on my paeltte mixed with some gesso and then some glitter glue on top! By the way, if you are interested in transfers, check out Sheer Heaven at it makes the BEST color transfers!

  4. Hi again, Sandy ! Thanks for your visit back to my blog and your info. about the great art&soul pages. I especially love how you used all those pieces to make the doll body !
    I am a WCANH member on line but so far only as a lurker, watching the action from the sidelines. I have been wanting to get up to your store in Warner too. It looks like a very cool and fun place ! So far, whenever you have had your great art parties there, I have had a conflict and/or I also don't have too many artsy friends who have taken the plunge into the art journal/mixed media/let's just play side of creating to attend with. Don't worry about me though, ;-), I will gather my courage and head up the 89 on my own one day soon and hopefully meet you in person !In the meantime, I am so happy you have started this blog !I love your stuff !
    Cheers !


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