Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thought Balloons

I had a really strange dream the other night that I keep thinking about. My son had described his own brain as having filing cabinets in it and a very complex, but logical filing system. So I guess I must have been mulling that over. In my dream I could see the workings inside my head and they were all like big, colorful balloons floating around. As I explored between them I saw some deflated balloons and some that looked more like bean bags. Or rather, with that texture. Except that the "beans" were moving inside the balloon! The walls of this cave space were lined like those of Circuit City with TV set images all moving and all different.

That morning, while mulling this all over, I realized how my brain works. In school, I would stuff and cram information into a thought balloon. My mother helped me with rhymes and diagrams and silly pictures to help remember the facts. I'd sit down in front of the exam, my brain feeling blank. But then suddenly, I'd remember the rhyme or picture, and like a pin popping the balloon, the information would flood out over my exam. I usually got a really good grade, but then the information was mostly gone (except for the general ideas - the deflated balloon).

I still stuff my head with movies, books, ideas, etc. But I think that those balloons have developed a "memory" for being popped. Or maybe just a slow-leak! Only information associated with vibrant images seems to stay in my mind. I still need definite visual cues to trigger a memory too.

I discovered what those "bean-filled" balloons are too. They have ping-pong balls in them! I have ideas percolating all the time, but when one of those moving bean balloons gets popped the ping pong balls fly everywhere! There is total chaos in my brain with the idea balls flying everywhere and interrupting all my other thoughts.

The TVs on the walls are the general thoughts and chaos going on in there. 
Yeah, I think too much.

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