Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Art & Soul - Virginia

I just finished this piece for Art & Soul Virginia. Just. I'm flying out tomorrow. That's cutting it a bit close! Now, I just have to PACK! I need an art retreat so badly. My kids have been a great help in getting me psyched for this. I had been feeling mommy guilt pangs about leaving my kids for a whole week! (Bad mommy!) But little one has been up teething and howling almost every night for the past week or two, so I'm not feeling as guilty. Really. I'm sure her daddy can handle it all just fine. Really. Just fine. :-)


  1. Sandy,
    This little creation is wonderful. I am sorry I missed seeing it in person. It was so good to meet you at A&S. I loved our little pow wows each day after class with our show and tell in the lobby. You are very creative, and it was wonderful to meet you.

  2. Love your mosaic piece... it was beautiful in real life! Hope you're still enjoying the A&S high. Take care, Sandy.


  3. OMG...I followed the link to view your A&S photos and came across your fish mosaic. How ironic that you are the one who made it!! I saw it at Art & Soul and was totally blown away by its beauty. What an incredible piece...I absolutely LOVE it! Did you make this with clay pieces?

  4. OMG-I love your fish collage/mosaic/composition. I somehow did not see it there?! I was there. Can you tell me more about how you made it?


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