Monday, April 23, 2018

The BeeHive!

It's starting to look like a real studio!
Even divided up, with furniture, it's still really spacious.

The classroom area...

The Shop area...

The resource area...

The Mannequins have new aprons (tangled, of course)...

My mini studio...

Part of the storage room - with a big die cutter and tons of dies...

The rest of the storage room (and the big cabinet I painted)...

I had a test run with the space on Saturday. I invited the NH CZT (Certified Zentangle Teachers) Meet-up Group to the Studio and everyone was very enthusiastic! We're looking forward to planning classes and Playdays.

I still have a lot more art materials and books to bring to the studio, some lighting and murals too... but I got slammed with a virus and I'm stuck in bed for a bit. After my next nap, I'll do some more research on maker spaces and collaborative art spaces.


  1. Looks wonderful.... and I know those chalk boards will be full of wonderful ideas! Feel better- hugs from Woodsboro, MD.

  2. A space full of imagination and creativity. So many possibilities just waiting for you to feel better. Love, Lori

  3. Wow, your space looks great...and oh, so neat! Your body deserves a good rest; I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Wonderful space! Take a break, get some rest and feel better soon. You deserve it!This is quite an undertaking, Sandy! Huge congrats. Keep me posted so I can come and have a play day :D

  5. Sandy, I hope your world is well on the way to sanity. Take it slow, don't over-extend yourself and be happy! Huge hugs and congratulations on coming this far, with success and a fulfilling future ahead! Love Jakki

  6. This is looking great - I only wish I weren't all the way in California because I would love to hang out in your studio!

  7. Looking good! Feel better soon!

  8. Very professional, in a tangled kinda way . . .

  9. It looks like you picked up the Warner Wingdoodle and dropped it in Concord. Best of luck with all your plans.


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