Friday, April 13, 2018

A Mix of Stuff

If you'd like to see the latest photos of progress on the new Studio space, take a look at The BeeHive website HERE.

The rest of April is going to be quite a blur! I'm in the process of selling the Wingdoodle building, finishing cleaning it out, setting up the new art studio (The BeeHive), helping to clear my Mom's house out - she moves in two weeks!, drawing Science comics for Montshire Museum of Science, painting the watercolor sections of the Ready, Set, Gorilla! book, and going to lots of meetings with my lawyer, money people, and maker-space planning meet ups.

I really, really... REALLY... need to run away to Ogunquit ASAP. Preferably BEFORE I crack.

Here's a peek at the GOrilla! spreads...

And here are a couple of drawings my daughter, Lilah, drew:

I really LOVE this one - look at all those tiny details in the fur and wings?!

Meanwhile, I've found some interesting things while cleaning out my mom's garage, besides body parts in jars (she was a pathologist and medical examiner). But adventure is not without its dangers too. I found a bunch of "antique" microscope slide storage boxes - I dumped the slides and specimens, but take a look at this one...

 On closer examination...

 I decided not to keep this one - As I have already had Mono twice!

In the middle of all this chaos is my "most important job" - MOM. But I'm not so good at this one. I work late into the night and have trouble getting up so early. I don't like to cook. Or make lunches.

Today was a particular challenge since The Kid had a field trip that was supposed to leave the school at 7:45am (Whaaaaa?) Turned out the bus was an hour late! All I could think when Lilah told me this was "I could have SLEPT!"

I did find a paper bag for the required lunch, although what ever we found to fill it was much less memorable than the bag itself! Lilah asked me to decorate it...

I'm sure all the other kids had very respectable lunch sacks filled with...
what do parents put in lunch bags?...
but Lilah's was the only one with a truly personal touch!

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