Thursday, September 14, 2017

And now I... BEGIN AGAIN!

Kickstarter blog... Done!
Masters of Applied Cartooning... Done!
Moved back to New Hampshire... Done!
New Art Studio... Done!

I'm going to show you the behind the scenes of the new studio, in just a second, but just in case you don't read the whole post - I'm inviting you to come see the new (tiny) Studio and help me celebrate my Birthday!
September 15th from 6-8 
at 40 Thorndike Street in Concord.

This part of the story starts with me looking for a new Studio space.
(I'm going to try and sell the Wingdoodle building). I found this teeny tiny space at the Concord Community Art Center (Concord, NH) which was being used by a potter. Seriously! That's a pottery wheel in there! The potter was moving to the basement, to a much larger space.

The space looked SO much larger when it was emptied out... (tiny bit of sarcasm). But I loved the idea of having a space - away from my house - to just work on comics and books. And I have always wanted to be part of an arts center.

What to do with a 6 foot by 13 foot art closet?!

I started by painting chalkboard paint - as high as I could reach with the roller - all the way around the room.

There was JUST enough space for the ladder, but it was difficult moving it around to draw the murals. And at the end of each day, I couldn't feel my legs and feet - from balancing weirdly on the skinny steps. I really need to invest in a taller ladder with wide steps!

I drew the murals just above the chalkboards. I would have loved to have painted the walls above them with a warm orangey color (to hide all the cracks) but the walls were just too high!

What to do about the big crack in the wall? Hmmmmm.... ha ha!

And the fire alarm! If I can't remove it, or hide it... then it gets some character.

The window got some blue paint and a new curtain and a screen...

Then I started adding color... and details like tangles ON the letters (see the "B").

 Christa from The Place (upstairs studio) cut a vinyl sign for my door!

I covered one of the old bulletin boards with felt and the other with magnetic paint. And brought some furniture.

 Lights! And flowers on the window...

 Notice the empty chalkboard above? I need some good quotes for it! If you come to the Open Studio - bring QUOTES!

I wrote a big quote over my work table.

And I stuck in some needle-felted creatures...

And this is where I have been drawing my comics for the last few weeks! I'll write another post about the comics next week (when I get internet for real, yeah!)

Oh - and Deb from Sew Sisters (studio next to mine) made me a curtain that I can close when I'm trying to concentrate!


  1. Love your 'studio'!!!! It's adorable!!!!! My son just made my DIL an 'office' in their closet that had two bifold doors! It's wonderful. I'll have to show her your blog post...once again, your studio is charming!!!

  2. your studio looks great! I'm so jealous of your awesome new creative space!

  3. Looks really fun and fabulous. What a great place to work!!!

  4. You have a fantastic studio. Just big enough for your needs and way too small for someone else to complain in. Perfect. Love the drawings.

  5. Delightful space. If I were close to Concord, I would be at your Open Studio. Since I'm in Nashville, TN, I'll just wish you a Happy, Happy Open Studio!

  6. I just love what you have done! Fantastic. All the best to you as you begin a new adventure in your life . Happy birthday and I hope you have a blessed day!

  7. What a wonderful thing you have done with such a long space! Wish I could see it in person, however, your photos are great. Congratulations!
    Terri CZT16

  8. Congratulations, Sandy. I'm so happy for you. I so wish I could be there just to meet you and see your new studio. You have accomplished so much...well done and best of luck to you!BunnyCZT13

  9. I hope your studio is filled wall to wall with fabulous friends for your birthday! Congratulations on your new beginning. If I could I'd write ENJOY in bold letters on your wall!! All the best to you, Sandy. ❤️

  10. I adore your new studio! You have done a fantastic job. Happy Birthday and good luck on your open house. I wish I could see it in person.

  11. I so admire your tenacity in setting your goals and attaining them. I'm envious of your creativity in taking such an unusual available small space and making it yours and very special. Thanks for sharing your artistic journey. I have discovered that I have actually been living vicariously through your blog adventures. Keep them coming! Sandy, you're such an inspiration to many more than you have any idea! "Special Hugs and Lots of Well Wishes" for your continuing journey. Best of luck lady!!!!

  12. P.S. From one Virgo (9/3) to another . . . Happy Birthday, Sandy! :)

  13. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Sandy... I love what you have done to your tiny space. Looks like a wonderful space to be creative. Anita Holmquist

  14. You have done magic with your studio! The transformation is amazing! Happy birthday from Southern California! I wish I could be there to meet you and celebrate your birthday and your new adventure! Best of everything on this new beginning. And congratulations on finishing your degree in cartooning and folllowing your heart. -Nadine

  15. Watching your metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly over the years has been a privilege! I adore your little space and can't believe how clever you have been!
    I am sending you all kinds of good and kind thoughts for much success and happiness in this tiny abode!!!

  16. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

  17. Your new space is wonderful. It seems to have already sparked your creativity! Thank you for sharing your journey and showing us the details of your Lil Shop of Bumblebats. Best wishes for your birthday and all the adventures to come!

  18. Hi Sandy, really love what you did with the space. Can't make your birthday since I'm in California, but here's a quote that resonates with me: "If you want to know what you really want, look at how you spend your time."

  19. I'm in Shangra-LA on the west coast so not able to attend your Grand Opening soiree. But I love, love, love what you've done with the place. My quote for you would be:

    "I didn't come this far to only come this far."

    ROCK ON BEEZink Studio. I really do look forward to meeting you some day... :)

  20. P.S: Have a C-O-W-A-B-U-N-G-A Birthday!

  21. Congratulations and Happy Birthday....what a charming place you have made. Wish I were in MA and not AZ so I could visit. Sue -Bonnie's seat-mate at CZT training.

  22. What a fun space! I'm in Southwest Virginia, and I'm a not able to make it (:-(.

    'Be not afraid' - because it applies to so much, especially when beginning again...

    And, from the father of a friend of my family:

    'Do Something'

    Happy birthday! (imagine it sung by a quartet or small chorus, in 4 part barbershop harmony...)

    --Jean Marie

  23. Happy Birthday, Sandy. Love what you have done for your new creative space. Wish I had a purpose built space for my creativity! Good luck with the opening.

  24. Also my daughter Julie featured your blog post on her blog! She was totally inspired.

  25. Wonderful! Enjoy! Hope all your new spaces are as Wonderful! Happy 😊 Birthday 🎉 🎈!!!
    I cannot come! But thought you were staying new the Cartoon College.! Guess I missed a part!

  26. Wonderful place to create! Your space reminds me of a quote posted on June 1, 2017 by Tickled to Tangle.... She was touring Italy and checking out how her favorite paper was made. Here you go....

    An artist's studio should be a small space
    because small rooms discipline the mind
    and large ones distract it.

    ~ Leonardo da Vinci

    Best wishes in the newest endeavor of your life!

  27. It was so nice to "see" you in my email this morning, I have be n missing the witty and wonderful way you have of sharing your world. What alovely and inspiring post this is... Thank you for sharing. Since I cannot be at your open house The quote I would like to share this quote for your wall: "Many of our fears are tissue paper thin and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them." Brendan Francis

  28. Sandy: I am bubbly happy for you and your new studio. Can't believe you're through CCS and forging a renewed life. Joyce

  29. "It's never too late to be what you might have been."

    Grand Ma Moses

  30. I ❤ your new studio space!!! It's perfect! I'm excited for you! Best creative wishes!

  31. Absolutely SWEET! I'm so glad to see you used some Zentangle in your decorations since that's how I first found you. I spent my birthday this year alone also, with NO Hostess cupcake. Ha. Oh well. Best wishes to you in your new adventures. I'd want to jump out of bed every day and get to that adorable office to create. And it sounds like you have some wonderful office mates around you too!


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