Monday, March 27, 2017

Kickin' it on Kickstarter!

So - that went well! 

The first Kickstarter, for the Quo Vadis - Special Edition - comics went far enough past the goal that I was able to print some extra comics! I picked them up from the printers last week and they look great!! It is very exciting to hold one's OWN PRINTED COMICS in one's hot little hands!

Once I have finished the rest of the issues, I'll start mailing them out.

I have two weeks to finish laying out and drawing the last few comics. I'm getting really... REALLY... nervous!! Not about finishing, but the whole "the End is approaching, graduation... what are you going to do with the rest of your Life...?" That sort of stuff. Although, I did have a really AWESOME interview last week... we'll see what happens, right?

Here are the three covers for the second Kickstarter, BEGin AGAIN:

This one has about a DAY left! So if you want this set of comics - go back the Kickstarter ASAP!
There are mini-comics in each Issue AND a pull out print or paper doll. It's going to be SO COOL!!

Back to work!

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