Monday, October 6, 2014

September Journal Pages

Moving right along! Here are my pages for September for the Journal52 challenge.

Week 35 - Making Time

Sometimes the timing of the prompts seems kind of creepy ... I am struggling with a particular issue and - BAM - THAT is the very topic of the week's prompt. I have a lot of theories and questions about Time, but I was having trouble thinking of what to do for this journal page. Then one night, Lilah and I were reading Harry Potter. When Dumbledore says this line - I got so excited! Exactly what I needed! A time turner! So I snitched the book from Lilah's room and used the illustration of the time turner as my inspiration. I drew it a bit more steam-punked and then drew in the text. Everything is drawn with a Papermate ballpoint pen.

Art © Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 36 - Texture

Maybe it is obvious - I like to draw. But sometimes I push myself to solve the assignment as it was intended. I could have done a drawing of "texture" but seemed only fair to play with real textures...

I took an old drawing from my sketchbook (done in gouache and pencil) and smeared over it all the different texture pastes I had on the shelf, through brass stencils. I used gold mica paint, modeling paste, and pumice paste. I could have done more, probably, but... eh. I keep wanting to go back to the original drawing and work more on that!

Art © Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 37 - Newspaper

This was fun. I had no idea where it was heading... and I have no idea where I ended up! I just started drawing on a classified page - inspired by the words and photos - then painted around stuff. I guess I could have gone either way - drawing a "Hungry Buffalo" OR an "Ugly Bathtub". Ok, I whimped out - I couldn't think of what a buffalo looked like - off the top of my head. "Ugly Bathtub"? That creature I know very well! (I do wonder what exactly the dad is pointing at?)

I used a NoBlot pencil for the drawing and gesso (on newspaper). NoBlot is magic - like Inktense pencil. It writes/draws like a regular graphite pencil, but when wet, it turns blue and becomes permanent. I think it was developed for accountants/bookkeepers. In this case, the pencil was activated by the gesso.

Art © Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 38 - Rhyme Time

I started out thinking I'd do a Dr. Seuss quote. Then realized, I've done a bunch of Seuss quotes already. This one by Bob Dylan struck a chord. ;-)  This was a cast-off Gelli print - I probably cleaned the brayer and thought it looked pretty. I never would have intentionally picked these colors to use together. I really like them! 

 I should have mounted it to a thicker paper first...the very thin paper got a bit wrinkly. The Gelli print was done with acrylic paints. The words and embellishments are paint pens and Bob Dylan.

Art © Sandy Steen Bartholomew


  1. Oh, if we could only avoid the people and activities that waste our precious time! ... speaking of time, I've just returned from almost 3 months of non-stop travel and based on that experience, I, too, am meditating on how time is used during what is available to us. If I had any more time during those periods, I think I'd go nuts.

  2. it's pretty cool reading about - and seeing - what you're doing in your journal. the NoBlot pencil - i need to check that out :) i love your timeturner - 2 of my favorite things: steampunk and HP - yay!!!


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