Sunday, April 27, 2014

TangleU- the Big Day

Today was my day to get up on stage and teach! I was a lot calmer than I was last year. I ended up with three hours to teach "Glowing Prints" and I enjoyed the extra time. I was able to walk around and show my samples and answer questions. 

The work people did was incredible and inspiring!  Here are just a few of the pieces...

Molly Hollibaugh did a mediation-Zentangle class and we made a mosaic with 200+ tiles!

And Marie Browning showed how to use the Tombow colored pencils on impressed black paper. 

And here are the people in my neighborhood... Ummm... The folks I met today. 

I can't believe how many people decided to "play" and make CZT trading cards! I have a big ole stack of cards!!! 

Did I mention I am really tired? Can we say serious-social-hangover?  Tomorrow is the last day and then I will start missing everyone...


  1. congrats on a successful class as teacher! I adore the CZT trading cards and am impressed so many decided to 'play'. So much better than jotting notes on the back of a business card that can't be decipher the next day! You are a clever one, Beez. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspirations.

  2. So nice to see some of what you presented. I really missed being able to trade cards with everyone! Not sure when I will swap 200 now!

  3. So what are "glowing prints?"

    1. Foam prints with white ink on black paper then embellished with white gel pen, colored pencils, and also can be Moonlight gel pens. Lots of fun and really easy. Biggest problem was drying time for the pigment inks.

  4. Love these. Can you tell me what you mean by "impressed black paper"? Thanks!

    1. We used a black ballpoint pen to draw lines on the black tiles. If you press hard as you draw, it impresses the lines into the paper. Then, when you color over the lines with a colored pencil, the lines stay black. You have to try it to understand. It was very cool. :-)


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