Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Just in time for the holidays (stocking stuffers?) - I finally listed my new tattoos!
There are three sets of temporary tattoos, including the Gingerbread Set, the Grumpy Snail Set, the Tangle Set, and the Lilah Bean Set. Click the links to see details, sizes, prices, etc.

Here's some inside info on the Lilah Bean temporary tattoos.

There are two of each Lilah Bean design, and one of the Lilah Bean Mushroom stack.

That one can be cut apart and recombined into a super tall stack or used to create a tattoo bracelet.

Or... the Lilah Beans can be cut and used on their own on fingers, toes, ear lobes...

Wouldn't you love to see them hanging out of a nose or peeking out of a collar?
Oh... is that just me?
Well, they are known to be a little mischievous, so be careful where you put them.
Get them HERE on Etsy or HERE on Wazala.
I am planning to do more designs, so please let me know what you think - and any preferences you have.
Bonnie wants more Zentangle-ish and "pretty" designs.
I like the kooky stuff.
And Lilah, well, she wants more Lilah Beans!

What do you like?


  1. I love these!! Just got a tattoo with my order! Lucky me! Time to orde

  2. I am placing my order today. I adore the snail, and yes I like the 'kooky' stuff as well. Make more kooky characters. The snail should be the new Sponge Bob. Does he have a name? Perhaps a contest to name the kooky snail.

    1. The Grumpy Snail is from a book I may or may not be working on... ;-)

  3. I would love to see pictures of people wearing your line!

    1. Oh yes! I'd love if people sent me their pics. When I get home, I'll tatt up my daughter and take some pics too. She has nicer skin than me. :-)


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