Friday, April 19, 2013

Tangled Fashionista Contest

As an added bit of excitement and challenge for TangleU participants, my publisher, Fox Chapel, and I decided to host a contest with Elaine Huffman, the TangleU organizer. The contest was open to all CZTs (Certified Zentangle® Teachers) and the only requirement was that they use an image from my book, Tangled Fashionista, as their starting point.

The submissions were amazing! And it was really hard to choose a winner, but here they are:

CONGRATULATIONS Tangled Fashionistas!

It's Me?! Chris Titus' Grand Prize winning tangled art from Tangled Fashionista.
Grand Prize: Chris Titus

Runner’s Up:
Judy Burkett
Kathy Redmond
Martha Deckel
Brenda Shahin
Marizaan Van Beek

You can download the pdf of all the contest entries from my Dropbox, here:   
(or click the cover image below)
It's a really big file since it is chock full of ART! Gorgeous art!

Design Originals also posted all the art on their Facebook page. That's a great way to see it all if you don't want to do any downloading. But the pdf has extra info and tips added to the pics as well as contact info. If you have been at a loss as to how to use Tangled Fashionista, this collection of art will get your creative juices flowing!

By the way, Chris' grand prize? The COMPLETE collection of Zentangle books from Design Originals/Fox Chapel! Awesome!

If you are all excited now - get to work tangling your own Fashionista artwork. I'd love to do a revised edition of Tangled Fashionista sometime and include even more inspirational pieces. Still not quite sure about getting yourself a coloring book? Sure, I get it. This one was designed to be a spoof of all those Fashion Magazines out there, so it is kind of whimsical/silly and geared toward big people. Yes, like you. So, anyway, if you like to "test" things out first, head on over to my website: and download a few pages for free. Then get to work!

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  1. Awesome Chris! I love her. I'm afraid I never got around to sending in my piece, just too busy here. But I love seeing what others have done.


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