Sunday, April 14, 2013

Art Journal Retreat - Registration is Open!

Hey folks - the Art Journaling In Paradise Retreat is now open for sign-ups!! Jessica said she posted it on her blog and emailed those of you on her "list" and we already have 8 people signed up!

I'm kind of blown away by that - but if you are wanting to go, that means you need to sign up ASAP since we are going to try and keep this a cozy size. If you are like me, then you are worrying about pulling the money together, but there is even a great payment plan for us "budget-ers." :-) And, seriously, the whole thing is an incredible price.

Art Journaling in Paradise will be Sept. 14th - 19th, 2013 in Santa Fe, NM. You can get all the details, class schedule, materials list... and sign-up, by visiting this link:

A few things to note... "Paradise" is not the beachy, ocean-side kind of paradise. Although there will be plenty of sand, this is an "artist paradise." Santa Fe is full of galleries and glorious vistas, architecture and art. It's like leaving the country without... uh... leaving the country!

Another thing to note is Jessica's explanation of art journals and the tempo and spirit of this retreat. Although ALL levels of experience are very welcome, if you are the type who wants to move quickly from technique to technique and pack in the experiences... you won't be happy at this retreat. If you are looking for a slower adventure and an escape from your hectic regular life... if you have an open mind and want time to percolate your ideas... if you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain... oh, sorry, the piña coladas are optional!

Jessica has some examples of her "art journals" at the linked page and here is one of mine as well.

This one was done at the Santa Fe Folk Art Museum. The sketches were meant as reference drawings for a bunch of polymer clay creatures I wanted to make. I have other art journals with more text, things glued in, photos with drawings, landscapes, cartoons of my sister and I crammed into tiny French airline seats... The point is there is a wide interpretation of "Art Journal" but the intent, for this retreat, is to use it to record your observations and impressions - using art. :-)

Last note. I mentioned it's like being in a foreign country? It's also at a high altitude and has all kind of weird and wonderful - different- flora and fauna. Unless, of course, you are from the southwest. But I live on the side of a mountain in New Hampshire. My mountain is like an inflamed hair follicle in comparison to THOSE mountains in Santa Fe. Anyway, last time I was there, it took me a few days to adjust and I was SO glad I had brought my allergy medication. I'm not saying this to scare you - I am a bit extreme, health-wise - just to warn you to bring your meds and take it easy on yourself. ;-D

It's gonna be fabulous!!! (And did I mention that it will be my birthday week too!?)

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  1. Sounds like fun Sandy! I was considering the adventure, when I noticed the dates. My birthday is the 22nd and I am traveling to NH for three days to attend the Scottish Highland Games!


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