Monday, February 18, 2013

Heart Zenflake by M.W.

Hi Sandy,

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your awesome Zentangle books.  A little bit about me-- I have always loved art and like to dabble in it some (mainly coloring, paint by numbers, etc.) but have never been very good at creating my own stuff.  I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the last few years have been really hard.  I have needed a creative outlet and began doing some art therapy as part of my treatment.  I am a musician but oftentimes music becomes too stressful-- I'm too much of a perfectionist, and, plus, it's kind of my job.

I randomly discovered Zentangle a few months ago and shared it with my therapist.  She was excited and we began incorporating it in my therapy as well as in a group I attend.  I was recently in the hospital (I go there for treatment from time to time) and shared it with the recreating therapist there--she also has begun to use it.

ANYWAY, your books in particular have been very inspirational to me.  I bought "Yoga for Your Brain" a few months ago and then was given "Totally Tangled" for Christmas.  I love the way you organize your books--showing techniques and designs so clearly and then using them as a springboard for inspiring creativity.  It gives me just enough guidance to make me confident in creating my own zentangles.

The last few days have been really rough for me.  It's a snowy day today in Utah.... I decided to cuddle up in my electric blanket and work on some art--and came up with this heart zenflake (maybe "heartflake"or "melting heart" ?).  I'm so surprised at what I came up with.  I feel so much calmer and am ready to face the new year. 
So...thank you!

Heart Zenflake by M.W.

 [Note: M.W. used tangles from Totally Tangled:  
Bleeding Hearts, Btl Joos, Heartline, and Alice.
Just beautiful!]


  1. You are such a fabulous inspiration Sandy. You helped me so much with my PTSD last year. Big love. xxx

  2. M.W.,

    Your zentangle is beautiful! I, too, have found this to be such a relaxing way to create. Sandy is a wonderful teacher, and her books are so helpful. Your story has to make her feel wonderful. I have a loved one who suffers from PSTD, and I never thought to suggest Zentangle! What a great therapy tool! Keep zentangling, M.W.
    Desiree. :)

  3. Thank you Sandy! You are def a huge inspiration to me as well!! And i'm so excited to finally hear that someone else in Utah has found the amazing world of Zentangle. MW, you and I have similar stories, the musical side and finding help with medical procedures thru tangling, in fact i'm going in to one tomorrow which is why i'm looking for inspiration tonight....but if you ever wanna share stories/experiences/tangle ideas, you can reach me at

    Again, many many thanks to Sandy! I love your books and your blogs....I look forward to reading then with every new post!!!


  4. Love the Heart Zenflake.
    I'm new to Zentangle and love it. Just can't seem to put my pens down.


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