Friday, June 29, 2012

Why Zentangle is Done in Pen...

A little while back, my son Alex (age 14) took a plane trip to visit his grandparents in California. To entertain himself, he decided to do a Zentangle (I'm SO proud!). Since he did not have a Micron pen, but he DID have a pencil in his pocket (he ALWAYS has a pencil in his pocket - I know, I do his laundry) - he did the entire Zentangle in pencil.

This is 8.5"x11".
Alex's Zentangle includes his own tangle "Eddies", the juicy drops swimming around on the right.
Ok - so you are waiting to find out WHY Zentangles are done in pen? Maybe this photo will explain it best... this is the side of Alex's hand when he finished this piece!


  1. Who cares what his hand looks like, his tile is fantastic! I say, do more in pencil, you are very good at it!

  2. Ah yes! The dreaded leaded smearage of the hand. I'm very familiar with it. I agree with Susan though--it's a fantastic piece!

  3. I prefer the look of pen to pencil. If I did it all in pencil I would then want to go over it in pen if I liked the design.

    Easier to just use pen.

    Alex's tangle looks great he should be proud of it.

  4. now he just needs to spray it with fixative to eliminate further smudging

    It's a really nice piece; good work, Alex!

  5. wow! great job! i like the way alex brought the BTL Joos up out of the holes! and that eddies is pretty cool!

  6. I think it's obvious that he is your son. Nice for the both of you.

    Annemarie Huijts

  7. WONDERFUL piece of art. About pencil ~ I'm REALLY new to Zentanging and am just learning the tangles. I do my practice in pencil and started out with the same problem of lead smearage. Solved it by just putting a clean piece of paper under my hand, on top of the tile, lifting the clean sheet to move it as I work (no sliding or it ruins the tile). I do like the look of pen better than pencil tho'.

  8. I'm a hacker. :) Just started with Zentangle, and am loving it.

    I work with kids, bought your Zentangle for Kidz book. It's on our official summer schedule for two weeks from now... Art Attack!!

    I have NEVER been considered artistic. And suddenly, people look at my little scribbles and go ooooh and aaaahhhh.

  9. Alex is obviously as creative as you, Sandy. I've always believed that dirty hands are part of the creative process. Blessings!

  10. That happens to me every time I demonstrate in a class, and I use pen! It's when I get to the shading...
    Very nice tangling, Alex!

  11. So! Tangling is hereditary! :) He did a great job. I have been tangling about 3 months now, and just last night my dear husband took an interest and was coaching me on what to draw and where! :) I think before long he will be seen doing tangles as well. Thanks for sharing!


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