Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hike 3

It figures that yesterday, when I decided to take a break from hiking, the group saw a black bear! Erg! So today I hoped to see something interesting too. We did see butterflies- many sitting right on the road. A little red newt. And two squashed frogs. Do those count?

We walked along a beautiful, babbling brook that still showed signs of the devastation from the hurricane last August. I think we walked almost five miles today. Seriously, we should have caps where we can put gold star badges! And maybe some feathers too.

I had my first experience with reflexology after dinner (I've become obsessed with cheese- I'll order any entree if the description includes cheese!). Reflexology is basically a really intense, detailed foot and hand massage. There are interesting connections to various parts of the body from the different parts of our feet. It felt really nice and relaxing. When I stood up to leave, I almost walked into the wall. Very relaxing.

As I walked through the lounge, I was distracted by the ladies who were trying to set up FaceTime on their iPads so I ran upstairs to get mine too. Anyone walking through must have thought we were insane... We were all sitting there, video conferencing, with the others around the same table! The voices were looping back through each iPad- it was very funny! Then we all had to outdo each other with who had the oddest apps, ooh and aah over cute photos of kids and pets and then we stayed up too late giving each other advice. All in all, a big girls' slumber party!


  1. your big girls slumber party sounds like a lot of fun! i'm glad you are having a good time :) and i enjoy reading your post each night!

  2. Glad you are enjoying yourself. You certainly deserve it. I go to PT 3X a week and part of the therapy includes foot massage, concentrating on the trigger points. It's heavenly. Wish I was there hanging out and having fun!!!


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