Thursday, February 2, 2012

Home, James

A meeting with my publisher and editor. Stomach growling, but first a chat with the Judikins folks about restarting my stamp line. Then ohmigosh we are going to miss our shuttle to LA. Forget lunch! Run!

After finally getting lunch at 4:30, my mom and I fell asleep in our hotel room, then spent hours reducing a suitcase full of catalogs and samples into a compact stack. Well, my mother did Sudoku, I compressed. Then I played with the ADHD coffee maker and remembered I had one photo from the show to post for you. The final installment of body art girl!

I'll be home on Friday, then we'll get the Etsy shop open and I'll try to remember all the things I was so excited about these past few days...

Oh! And if you are in the Concord, NH area this Saturday... I will be doing a Zentangle mini-workshop and book signing at 2pm at the Concord Public Library. It's for kids and adults and should be fun (and it's free!). Then... I plan to SLEEP and completely avoid people until next Wednesday when the kids come home.

PS - the UN-Tangle Retreat is almost filled up! I found some great ideas at CHA that I NEED to get for us to play with!!!!


  1. Hi Sandy! I have just recently discovered Zentangles, and LOVE your site! I think I have now purchased ALL of your books at Amazon, after deciding I wasn't too old for the Zentangle for Kids book.. lol! Your books are my FAVORITE Zentangle books - LOVE them - so creative and fun!

    I wanted to tell you about a Zentangle-inspired digital-scrapbook challenge I am hosting this month - here: (or you can just visit my blog to find info as well). I included a link to your site, and one of the participants said she is signed up for your next workshop - I am so jealous! Haha!

    I sent a tweet with your user-name as well, but wasn't sure if you'd see it, so decided to comment - hope this is ok! :)

  2. Sandy and Mom, I loved reading the updates- first thing before I got out of bed each morning I grabbed my iPod and checked my mail to see what you did at CHA the day before. Thanks for bring the show to my bedroom, lol. And I was so delighted to see you enjoying yourself. (and especially delighted to read between the lines your professional recognition!) Can't WAIT to see what comes next.
    (Carole Huxel)

  3. Jill - thanks for mentioning my blog in your post. Your challenge sounds really exciting - be sure to post a link so we can see what the scrapbookers do with Zentangle!

    Carole - you wouldn't want CHA in your bedroom (too messy!) - kitchen would be better. ;-D


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