Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CHA Video & Pinterest

Suzanne McNeill shot this video of me at CHA a few weeks ago and just posted it on YouTube.
I was Totally Terrified when she said she was going to film me... and then she climbed up on a ladder to get a better angle... and then made me start over... I'm amazed that I could still hold the pen - my hands were shaking so badly! ;-D Huh. She was right, it's not too bad... it's a little noisy, but that adds to the ambience so you can pretend you were right there with me, coloring shoes. [And BTW, you can pre-order this book on my Etsy site.]

Follow Me on Pinterest So while I have your attention - I have to tell you about Pinterest. If you find yourself wasting hours on Facebook and Twitter and Flickr... and you already spend way too much time on the computer, then stop reading right now and go play with your kids.

Pinterest is visual crack. No, actually it must have some really useful purpose... let me know if you figure it out. It is basically an electronic vision board where you can "pin" interesting images, video, etc. from all over the web. You must be sure to link back to the source - otherwise... well, that's just stealing. I have recently joined and am quite addicted. So come visit my Pinterest page... there is a lot of really beautiful Zentangle® stuff being pinned there too... come on... come on... ;-D


  1. What is your name on Pinterest? I couldn't find you!

  2. Ooops! Sorry, the Link wasn't connecting. Should work now. I am "Sandra Bartholomew" on Pinterest.


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